Can My Child Fly To Dubai With Another Family?

International travel can be stressful, especially with children on board, whether by ship, plane, or land. It gets even trickier when your child has to fly to a specific destination with another family or responsible adult. Typically, travel companies, airlines, and host countries have different policies for travel, so it’s essential to learn about the procedures before the trip.

Read on to find out if your child can fly to Dubai with another family.

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Can my child fly to Dubai with another family?

If you intend to send your child abroad without accompanying them, this might be the question you’re asking yourself. Perhaps they’ll be taking a trip with their cousins or grandparents, a school trip or a term break getaway with a high school friend and their family.

Flying without parents is possible on some airlines, but you must provide documentation. However, if you do not adequately plan the trip, things can get tricky for the other family, causing customs and airline security problems or missing a flight.

Parental consent is required for the following non-direct family member air travel;

  • Learners travelling with their teachers for an educational trip abroad with teachers.
  • Children travelling for a trip with a group, such as a sports team, family, or other ethnic or religious groups.
  • A child travelling alone.
  • A child travelling with another adult who is not their parent or legal guardian.

Rules Governing Children Flyers To Dubai

Usually, children under the age of five cannot travel alone. However, children between the ages of five and eleven can use the airlines’ “unaccompanied minor” services in the UAE. A parental authorization letter from the parents or legal guardians is necessary if the minor travels with another family member.

In addition, according to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs-Dubai, children travelling to the UAE (16 years and below) would need a parental authorization form. This consent includes the home address and the UAE residing address and information about who would receive them in the UAE.

Regardless of the destination, a child travelling overseas is subject to a consent requirement to prevent abduction or kidnapping.

Child Travel Consent/Parental Authorization Form

A child traveller is someone travelling under the age permitted by law (which can vary depending on the jurisdiction). In the UAE, a person is considered a child flyer if they are under the age of 16.

A Parental Authorization allows a minor child to travel without the presence of their parents or legal guardians. Generally, you can use this form when your child needs to travel alone or with another adult who is not their legal guardian, such as a grandparent or family friend.

A Parental Authorization can also be referred to as a Child Travel Consent or a Parental Authorisation Form. When signing the form, you’ll need to verify your identity with identification documents such as;

  • Passport card
  • Driver’s licence
  • Certificate of Citizenship
  • Military card
  • Certificate of Naturalisation

You can use the same travel consent letter for domestic flights. And, if your child’s travel includes stopovers, consider having a parental authorization letter for every destination before arriving in Dubai.

Here are the contents of a Child Travel Consent form;

  • The name of your child and their contact information.
  • You and your spouse’s contact information. In this case, the other spouse is a parent or legal guardian.
  • The names of the adults accompanying the child and their contact information.
  • Your child’s destination information.
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Notarization of Parental Authorization Form

The parent(s) or legal guardian listed on a travel consent form have their signatures and identities verified through a process known as a notarization. Having a seal on your child’s travel authorization is an added benefit.

Without a notarized consent, border officials might hold up or stop your child’s entry to Dubai or further travel.

Other Child-Related Documents

Besides the Parental Authorization form, you should have the following documents ready before travel;

  1. Child Medical Consent to allow another adult to give their permission for your child’s medical care if you cannot do so.
  1. A power of attorney for children allows you to designate another adult to make parental decisions on your behalf if you cannot do so.
  1. A childcare contract for the childcare provider if hired to look after a child on a contractual basis.
  1. Passport: No matter their age, whether travelling with you or another family, a passport is a mandatory requirement. You can apply for your child’s passport; however, they must be present during the application.

A passport is the primary form of identification and provides proof of citizenship when crossing boards. You’ll also need to provide additional documents such as birth certificates, identification, or adoption certificates.

As noted, your child will not be allowed to travel out of the country without proper documentation. Travel authorities in Dubai are strict about this and may stop a child from continuing to their destination without proof of parental consent. Because your child is travelling to Dubai with an adult who is not their legal guardian, you and your spouse must sign the consent form.

It’s also a good idea to check your airline’s requirements to see if a minor travelling with someone who isn’t their legal guardian will require additional documentation.

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