Iraq with Kids

Embarking on a journey to Iraq with your family is undoubtedly a bold and enriching adventure. As intrepid travellers and parents, it’s natural to approach this unique destination with a mix of excitement and caution.

rawanduz canyon in Iraqi Kurdistan near Soran Village - image designed with canva from getty images/martin Krajicek

Iraq, a land steeped in history and culture, offers an unparalleled experience for those seeking to explore ancient civilizations, from the majestic ruins of Babylon to the bustling markets of Baghdad.

We are still working on this section of our Middle East website as we have had very few of our friends or readers visit Iraq.

We will be differentiating between Federal Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan; the latter has been open for tourism for a longer period of time, and entry requirements differ between the two with a border crossing.

Important Facts Republic of Iraq

Official NameRepublic of Iraq
CurrencyIraqi Dinar (IQD) | 1IQD=0.00076
LanguageIraqi Arabic
ReligionShia 51% and Sunni 42% + Minorities
LeadershipPresident Abdul Latif Rashid, Prime Minister Mohammed Shia'Al Sudani
Important DatesJuly 14 Republic Day
Muslim holidays of Eid, Islamic New Year
Dec 10 Victory Day
ClimateArid desert and semi-arid
Electrics230V Type C, D & G
VisasVisit visa and VOA
SafetyVaries by region - see travel advisories

Important Facts Iraqi Kurdistan/Northern Iraq

Official NameIraqi Kurdistan (Southern Kurdistan)
CapitalErbil (Hawler)
CurrencyIraqi Dinar (IQD) | 1IQD=0.00076
LanguageKurdish dialects + Arabic
ReligionSunni Majority
LeadershipKurdistan Regional Government
Important DatesApril 9 - Liberation Day
July 14 - Republic Day
Oct 3 - Independence Day
Muslim religious holidays
Electrics230V Type C, D & G
VisasVisit visa and VOA
SafetyVaries - see travel advisories
Iraq Map

Current Safety Warnings For Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan

Presently, major overseas governments have Do Not Travel advisories in place for Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan. This situation could change, so please see current government advisories from:

Iraq Visa Information

Iraq Lake Dukan Kurdistan | Destinations in the Middle East
Lake Dukan in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

With careful planning, awareness of local customs, and a spirit of adventure, a trip to Iraq can be a profoundly educational and memorable experience for your family, opening up a world of ancient history and vibrant culture to explore together.

As the situation for travelling to Iraq improves, we will bring more updates to this page.

Further Iraq Travel Resources

Please note that we have no articles specifically about taking children to The Republic of Iraq or Iraqi Kurdistan at this point. As tourism is slowly opening up to various regions in Iraq, we are updating the information contained in this section and directing you to appropriate planning resources though none of our writing team or blogger community has visited Iraq WITH children.

If you would still like to learn more about Iraq, or possibly visit as a solo tourist, we have found these interesting resources that you should check out:

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