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Important facts and information to know when visiting Jordan

One of the regions most visited and historically interesting countries, Jordan has a fascinating past just waiting to reveal itself.

Travel to Jordan is quite safe, although given its position in the Middle East sandwiched between Syria, Iraq and Israel there are safety warnings to heed. Please don’t let this put you off experiencing this most amazing country.

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Visiting Jordan Important Facts

Official NameThe Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
CurrencyJordanian Dinar (JOD)
ReligionSunni Islam with a Christian minority
LeadershipParliamentry Monarchy - King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein
Important Dates25 May Independence Day & Islamic Holidays
ClimateMediterranean through to arid desert
Electrics230v but you'll find Type C, Type D, Type F, Type G, Type J sockets!
VisasMost countries visa on arrival
SafetyVaries by region - see detail below

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Jordan visa information

  • Most visitors can obtain a visa on arrival
  • Visit Visas come in Single, Double and Multiple-Entry format (60/90/180 JOD)
  • By obtaining a Jordan Pass, visitors will have not only entry to all the best of Jordan’s historic sites but their visa included

Click here to find out more about the Jordan Pass

Point for family visitors to be aware of in Jordan

  • Ladies are not required to wear a headscarf but may want to dress conservatively to avoid unwanted attention
  • Fair-haired touching and attention is rife.  Let your children be aware this is only out of curiosity but be prepared to step in should it become overwhelming
  • Diapers and baby food may not be readily available outside of the big cities
  • Road tripping with children is relatively straightforward. Distances are not vast, though road conditions even on the highways can be poor, so distances may take longer than you think. Generally, service stations are plentiful for fuel, snacks and toilet stops

General travel tips for visiting Jordan

  • Once you’re away from the big cities, ATMs can be challenging. Although credit cards are fairly widely accepted, withdraw cash when you see a machine and take a few USD or EUR as some back up with a cash exchange
  • Expect many toilets to be squat only and a fee may be charged. It’s wise to BYO paper

Safety in Jordan is generally not an issue, however, due to its geographic position in the Middle East, there are advisory warnings for tourists, particularly on the country’s northern border with Syria.  See current advisories from the UK Foreign Office and US State Department 

See our regional guide to culture and religion for more advice – coming soon

When is it best to visit Jordan?

Jordan makes a pretty good year-round destination but the climate does vary across the country.

In summer you might find Aqaba, Petra and the south too hot but Amman top temperatures are usually around the mid-30’s.

Midwinter, it can get to freezing in Amman and the north but pleasant days still in Aqaba (too cold, however, for swimming in the Red Sea). Petra is still fine to visit in the winter albeit you may catch a cold snap.  All the walking should soon warm you up on most winter days.  Wadi Rum may be too cold for comfort for most.

The best times to visit are spring and Autumn; March through to May and September to November you can capture most of the country at its best.

You can read our full guide to the best times to visit Jordan here

Most popular attractions in Jordan

Jordan is absolutely packed full of famous attractions that attract worldwide tourists.  Some of the most popular and not to be missed include:

  • The Dead Sea – the lowest point on earth; float on the second most salty body of water in the world
  • Petra – “The Lost City” dating back to the Nabatean period
  • Jerash – the ancient Roman city to the north of Amman
  • Wadi Rum – the vast desert plains of the south with spectacular rock formations
  • The Red Sea – Aqaba and seaside resort town of Tala Bay for sunshine, relaxation and underwater fun
  • Kings Highway – a drive back through history with crusader castles

Wadi Rum Bedouin Camp - family accommodation recommendation

Jordan with Kids – Our Travel Stories

Still to come – we are shortly releasing out 10 day Jordan itinerary, and a comprehensive guide to tackling the Lost City of Petra with kids

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