How to get between Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Want to visit several cities in the UAE but not sure how to get around?

How to get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi - all modes of transport explained | Family Travel in the Middle East

The two most popular cities for visitors are Dubai and Abu Dhabi – but is it possible to visit both in one trip to the UAE? Is it easy to get from Abu Dhabi to Dubai? What if you fly into one city and out of the other?

Please note this article was originally written Pre-COVID. The rules on transportation between Dubai and Abu Dhabi are changing regularly. At present, a negative COVID test result within 48 hours is required in order to cross from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. Visitors from Dubai to Abu Dhabi must also have Green status on their Alhosn App – learn more here

The testing restrictions do not apply crossing from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, and children under 12 years old are not required to complete COVID testing.

See a detailed guide on how to cross from Dubai to Abu Dhabi during COVID here

We have left the remainder of this article as is so you have all the information ready for when services resume. We reiterate the situation is constantly changing so please stay up to date – you can ask any questions in our Facebook group and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

How Far is Dubai from Abu Dhabi

The distance between Dubai & Abu Dhabi is approximately 160kms, but it really depends where you are taking your measurement from! Both cities sprawl without a definitive city centre or end.  From the outer areas of both cities, the journey is about 1 hour or using public transport your journey could take up to 3 hours.

How to get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi (and vice versa!)

There is no direct commercial flight connection between the two cities, and no train line at present (though we’ll discuss the proposed Hyperloop below!). The only option currently is by road,  which still leaves you quite a few options:

  • Public Bus
  • Private airport buses
  • Taxi
  • Private car hire
  • Join an organised tour
  • Self-drive
Dubai Metro transport in the UAE
The Dubai Metro only takes you as far west as Jebel Ali

Public Transport: Intercity Bus from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

The Intercity Bus is the cheapest way to connect between the two cities.  It leaves Dubai from two locations:

  • Al Ghubaiba Bus Station in Bur Dubai  (Route 100) approx 2.1 hours
  • Ibn Battuta Mall (Route 101) approx 1.5 hours

As of 13 September 2021, Route 101 will resume if you have Alhosn Green Status AND a negative PCR test result.

Both routes run directly to Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station and cost 25AED. You can pay cash at the counter or use your Dubai NOL card, which also works on Dubai buses and the Metro (but NOT on Abu Dhabi public transport).

Note there is a new route now (Route 102) that runs from Ibn Battuta Mall to Mussafah Shabiya Bus Station in Abu Dhabi. It runs once per hour and also costs 25AED.

Abu Dhabi to Dubai Bus

The Intercity also runs in reverse from Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station (next to Al Wadha Mall) back to Al Ghubaiba or Ibn Battuta Mall, and Mussafah Shabiya to Ibn Battuta.

Connecting to Dubai International Airport DXB

From Al Ghubaiba Bus Station, you can connect to DXB by:

  • Taking bus 33 or 42 to Terminal 1
  • Taking bus 31 to Terminal 2
  • Take the Metro green line to Burjuman, switch to the red line for Terminal 3
  • Catching a short taxi – approx 30AED

Connecting to Abu Dhabi International Airport AUH

From Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station to AUH:

  • Take a bus 1A from outside the station to Terminal 1&3, leaves every 40 minutes 4AED
  • Take a taxi – approx 30 minutes and cost 50AED

Looking to visit the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi from Dubai?

It is possible to catch public transport though not all that straightforward if you are travelling with kids.  You would need to catch the Intercity bus as described above, then a local bus to the Grand Mosque, there are several routes, the most direct is the 32 and costs 2AED.

Related Reading: Our full guide on how to visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque 

If you were planning to visit say the Louvre or Emirates Palace on an Abu Dhabi day trip from Dubai, note none of these popular Abu Dhabi sites are anywhere near each other! It is easy enough to navigate your way around town by taxi, but the costs will add up.  It makes a private driver or tour start to make sense if you’re travelling in a group and want to make multiple stops.

Skeikh Zayed Grand Mosque sunset | Guide to visiting Abu Dhabi from Dubai | Family Travel in the Middle East
The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque – Abu Dhabi’s most famous attraction

FREE bus from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

Both the major airlines in the UAE – Etihad and Emirates – offer services for FREE that connect the two cities. However, the bus stations are not in the most convenient of locations;  it’s not an airport to airport transfer!

Be aware of this if you have flights from DXB (Emirates) and AUH (Etihad), careful planning is needed, and pay attention to the airport codes we’re about to share!!!

PLEASE NOTE these services are severely disrupted by COVID restrictions – check with the airlines how frequently the services are now running.

Flying Emirates

If you’re flying Emirates but ultimately want to end in Abu Dhabi, your ticket can be issued to include the free transit bus through to your destination. The Emirates bus stop in Abu Dhabi is at their Khalidiya office on the Corniche (NB, this is nowhere near AUH airport!)

You can see the schedule here – 6 services per day. When you book your airline ticket, book the final location as ZVJ (not DXB) to guarantee your seat on the free bus. You must transfer immediately from DXB after your flight lands – no Dubai sightseeing on the way!

If you have an onward connection to AUH then the taxi back to the airport is about 80AED extra.  We’re not aware of any baggage service at the bus stop (it is really just a car park).  If you want to do Abu Dhabi sightseeing before your next flight, your bags will need to come with you or return to AUH first to store your bags.

You can organise a baggage transfer with Emirates to AUH for 200AED but by this point, you may as well have paid for a metered taxi door to door.

Flying Etihad

If you have an Etihad flight but you are leaving from Dubai, you can start your journey at the Etihad Travel Mall (Downtown Dubai).  The code you need to book your flight is XNB (instead of AUH).

Note for Business or First Class passengers on either airline, a complimentary private chauffeur is provided, just remember to confirm your booking at least 48 hours in advance to use this service.

Abu Dhabi City Skyline
The beautiful Abu Dhabi Corniche

FREE bus from Abu Dhabi to Dubai

So let’s switch it around, if you’re starting in Abu Dhabi but need to depart from Dubai

Flying Emirates

If you are flying with Emirates, you catch the complimentary bus service from outside their Khalidiya office to Dubai International Airport (DXB). You can only catch the bus on the day of travel – book your departure from ZVJ.

Flying Etihad

If you have arrived into Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH) with Etihad economy and want to connect straight to Dubai you can arrange a seat on the Etihad Coach, departing from AUH and taking you to the Etihad Travel Mall (Downtown Dubai) – use airport code XNB when booking. 

If you have an onward flight from DXB, expect a taxi from Etihad Travel Mall to DXB to cost 40AED.

The journey in either direction Dubai to Abu Dhabi takes about 1 hour 25 minutes but for arrivals, you will likely be booked on a service at least 1 hour after your landing time.  Departures they will suggest catching the service listed at least 4 hours before your departure.

If you are flying with any other airline, sadly these complimentary bus services are not available to you.

Burj al Arab Dubai | Family Travel in the Middle East

Taxies and hired drivers between Dubai and Abu Dhabi

The most straightforward way to transit between the two cities is to simply hail a metered taxi.  They should take you door to door, but sometimes taxi’s will insist on pulling over at the first petrol station over the border to swap passengers to the taxi service for that Emirate. It is not clear if there is a law that requires this or simply the taxi doesn’t want to be that far out of his zone. A Dubai taxi cannot pick up a new fare in Abu Dhabi and vice versa.

From DXB to downtown Abu Dhabi, expect a fair between 275 – 350AED.

If you hire a private driver the same trip is likely to cost you 350-500AED depending on the size of the vehicle booked.  The advantage is you can pre-book your exact time, and you may be able to add extras like car seats to your orders.

Driving in the UAE

Join a Tour Group

If you would like to see the highlights of each city on a day trip, there are plenty of options travelling in both directions.  Always check out reviews and see how long the tour will last.  And as a family, be aware quoted prices will be per seat on the bus or minivan

Abu Dhabi Day Trips from Dubai

Dubai Day Trips from Abu Dhabi


NB: If you are day tripping from Dubai to Abu Dhabi for the Yas theme parks, don’t forget they offer a FREE shuttle service from numerous Dubai locations – learn more about this service over here.

Self Drive – Hire a car

If you are a confident driver, self-driving is the easiest way to get around offering you the most flexibility travelling between the two cities.

Most visitors self-driving will need to hire a car.  Even if you have friends living in the UAE, you need to have a UAE drivers license to be covered by the vehicle’s insurance.  We recommend it is easier and safer for visitors to hire where overseas licenses are accepted on a tourist visa.  We always use RentalCars.Com to compare prices before booking.

Things to be mindful of hiring a car in the UAE

  • The UAE drive on the right, with the steering wheel on the left.
  • Almost all cars are automatic transmission.
  • The traffic goes FAST! And can be a little hectic with 6 lane freeways to one way systems.
  • Car seats are required by law up to 4 years old (albeit enforcement of this law is not prevalent). Better safe than sorry BYO car seats or you can hire from the car rental company.
  • Hiring a car one-way between the two cities is likely to incur you an extra one-way hire fee.
  • The speed limit signs differ between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Once you’re on the freeway you can travel at 140kms/hr. Dubai signposts this as 120kms but includes a 20km/hr “buffer” before you’re fined. In Abu Dhabi the posted limit is now the actual limit – ie max 140km on the freeway.
  • If you are new to desert driving conditions in the extreme heat, read this guide.

Dubai Hyperloop

This ultra-fast shuttle service could cut the transit time between the two cities to a mere 15 minutes, but is it a reality?

Our latest sources suggest that yes! indeed this could be the transport option of the future, I mean why have a standard train service when you can have a Hyperloop right? Watch this paces for when we here moe about this new ultra-express transit service.

How to get from Dubai to other cities in the UAE

A private hire car is the easiest way to get beyond the big cities and see the other Emirates as it allows you the flexibility to travel door to door.  If you are not a confident driver, however, or you prefer someone else take the driving while you’re on holidays then it’s perfectly understandable.

You may also want to check out our other guides on how to get around the Emirates by road:

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