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This is a collective website made possible by parents who love to travel with their kids.

Unlikely many other popular tourist regions of the world, there can be very limited information made available for families visiting the Middle East region beyond the big cities. Popular guide books often gloss over the intricate details that parents really want to know.

Taking the guesswork out of planning travel into and around the Middle East region, this community was established to open up discussion on travel ideas, share details of great drivers, guides, hotels and attractions and inspire one another to travel deeper – yes, with the kids!

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We invite you to get involved in two ways:

Join our online Community

Our active Facebook group is full of parents just like you who want to explore the region more, share their experiences and help other parents living in or visiting the region to learn more.

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Collage of Middle East Images Family Travel in the Middle East online community for parents

Write for the Family Travel in the Middle East Website

You don’t need to be a writer or blogger to get involved here, just a passion for travel and the ability to tell a great story or take a great photo certainly helps!

You can see our current website contributors here

We are currently looking for:


  • Israel
  • Palestine
  • Kuwait
  • Iran
  • Bahrain
  • Turkey

Other locations are of course welcome too, these are just a few of the places we are a little light on family content at present and would love to hear some different voices!

Types of posts we are looking for

  • Itinerary posts – readers love to know how long they need for visiting a particular destination, the practicalities of how to get around and whether they need to book things in advance.
  • Top X things to do in… – tradition list-style posts for not to be missed attractions / events / natural features / historic monuments or famous buildings.  These posts should be very focused on families.
  • Cultural immersion experiences – We are looking for suggestions that you may not find in glossy brochures; Have you got an interesting story to tell about places or activities where you can support the local community and leave your kids with a unique learning experience?
  • Short break guides – travelling over school and public holidays breaks is incredibly popular with the extensive airline network in the Middle East.  Families are always asking “where can I fly in under x hours” or “how many days do I need to see”.  This can be both within the Middle East and flights taken from the Middle East.
  • Hotel reviews – We know that having the right accommodation can relieve a lot of stress travelling with kids and it’s one of the most important parts of holiday planning. Have you had a great experience to share? Somewhere with excellent facilities and service that went above and beyond for families? Or somewhere simple that worked amazingly well for your needs? We look at all budgets and accommodation types.
  • Tour recommendations – it can be hard to know when faced with a myriad of options who to choose.  Have you had a standout experience with a particular operator? (Please no commercial interests. If you run tours or related, please apply under our sponsorship category, not guest posting).  Suggestions on what NOT to do are equally helpful!
  • Restaurant recommendations – especially in more remote places it can be difficult to know where to feed fussy little ones on the go so we’d love your suggestions. Alternatively, perhaps you’ve had a great foodie experience to share, or somewhere that has gone above and beyond to provide something unique or accommodating of your family needs that you’d like to share.    

Now for the specifics, what you should and shouldn’t include!

Guest Posting Guidelines

Please ensure you understand these guidelines before submitting a pitch.  It is best to wait to hear from us before you go ahead with the full article in case it’s not in keeping with the needs of our readership, we don’t want to waste anyone’s time. 

  • Posts should be a minimum of 800 words.
  • We really prefer original content.  If you are adapting an article from another piece please ensure the text is varied.  We can also discuss including an extract only from your post and linking back to the original content.
  • Commerical links will not be considered in guest posts.  If you would like to link to your company then please see our separate guidelines here.
  • We love photos! They do indeed tell a thousand words and really add to your story, but please make sure:
    • You are the owner or have permission to use the image (please state any copyright conditions if necessary)
    • Send them in a format we can use that won’t destroy our load time!  The ideal is a mixture of image sizes so we can use landscape and portrait
    • Please make sure if children are in the images they are either yours! or you have permission to post
    • By submitting photos you give us permission to reuse the images on our social platforms with credit and we accept copyright remains with you
    • Try to submit a minimum of 5

Files can be submitted in a word document or copied into the body of an email.  Please ensure photos are attached, not embedded or share via Dropbox/We Transfer if they are too large.

Family Travel in the Middle East will have final editorial control of all content posted on the site.  Edits made will only be for Search Engine Optimisation improvements and any grammatical corrections. There may be affiliate links added to hotels or products we would recommend if it will enhance the user experience.

Still unsure?  Feel free to email us for any clarity