Palestine with Kids

Important facts and information to know when visiting Palestine

Tourism to the State of Palestine / the Palestinian Territories has been severely restricted due to relations with Israel.  Israel controls the flow of tourism into East Jerusalem and the West Bank whilst the Gaza Strip border crossing to Egypt is closed. 

Nonetheless, this page highlights some of the Holy sites of significance in Palestine with advice on suitability for travel as a family.

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Visiting Palestine Important Facts

Official NameState of Palestine
CapitalEast Jerusalem
CurrencyIsraeli shekel (ILS) | 1ILS=3.77USD
LanguagePalestinian Arabic
ReligionIslam (Sharfi’I Islam)
LeadershipPalestinian National Authority – interim self governement body
Important Dates15 Nov Independence Day & Islamic Holidays
Electrics230V – Type C (round pin) and Type H (three triangular) sockets
VisasSee Below
SafetyAvoid all travel to Gaza; Warnings for Jerusalem – see Below

We are still finalising the important information, attractions and resources you need for travelling to Palestine with kids.

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