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Important facts and information to know when visiting Israel

One of the most fascinating yet controversial countries in the Middle East. Politics aside, it is rich in natural beauty, amazing beaches, cultural diversity, and home to the lowest point on earth.

Visiting Israel Important Facts

Official NameState of Israel
CurrencyIsraeli new shekel
LanguageHebrew & Arabic
ReligionJewish 75%, minority Muslims, Christian, Druze
LeadershipParliamentary democracy
Important DatesPassover, Pentecost, Sukkot, Hanukkah, Apr 19 Independence Day
Electrics230V – Type H oval sockets
VisasVisitors Visa
SafetyVaries by region. Click here for full safety advisories visiting Israel
Israel map

Israel visa information

  • There are many countries that will not permit you entry if you have an Israeli visit visa stamped in your passport. Accordingly, you should receive your Visa on a stamped “blue slip” that can be removed. (If you still wish to visit other neighbouring countries in the Middle East, make sure to insist on this!)
  • There’s a detailed guide here on how the Israeli Passport Stamp works.
  • Countries with sanctions against Israel include – Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Pakistan, Sudan, Syria & Yemen.

Click here to find out more about Israeli Visas

Points for family visitors to be aware of in Israel

  • Families are made to feel very welcome in Israel; you should have no problem out and about with strollers, using public transport and dining out with children.
  • Tel Aviv is very flat with wide pavements, though things are a little tougher going in Jerusalem. You may prefer a baby or toddler carrier for this leg of your trip.
  • Whilst car seats can be rented with a rental car in Israel, they may not be up to overseas safety standards; we recommend you take your own car seats.
  • Stay at a kibbutz to experience an incredible Israeli breakfast and community atmosphere.
  • If your travelling alone with a child having a different surname to you, you may want to bring a notarized letter and copy of the child’s birth certificate with you in case you are questioned at the border.
  • There is a lot to fit in, so pace yourself, especially if visiting during the hottest summer months.

Coming soon – our regional guide to culture and religion for more

When is it best to visit Israel?

Not as hot as many of its Middle East neighbours, Tel Aviv is perfect for those who love hot sunny summer days on the beach. You may find the Dead Sea areas hot, however, not unbearable mid-summer.

The winter months of November through March are the coldest, with snow even reaching Golan Heights and occasional snowfall in Jerusalem. You will get rainfall along the coast in winter, though it will still be pleasant in areas such as Eilat.

Spring (April and May) and autumn (September and October) are the best times to visit Israel when temperatures are pleasantly mild throughout the country.

You can see our complete guide to all the best times to visit Israel and religious occasions to be aware of here.

Most popular attractions in Israel

Things of geographic and historic importance in Israel to include on your itinerary

  • Visit the Western Wall in Jerusalem
  • Admire the Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem
  • Explore Jerusalem’s Old City
  • Visit the Israel Museum and see the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Reflect at Yas Vashem, the Holocaust memorial (10-years+)
  • Experience the beauty of the Bahá’í Gardens in Haifa
  • Take a dip in Ein Gedi natural spring
  • Stroll Jaffa’s Old City
  • Swim at one of Tel Aviv’s beaches
  • Explore Roman and Byzantine ruins at Bet She’an National park
  • Float in the Dead Sea (see our Dead Sea travel tips first!)
  • Snorkel or scuba dive in the Red Sea from Eilat
  • A day trip across the border with Jordan to see Petra

We recommend at least 7 to 10 days to see and experience the highlights on a family trip to Israel.

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Israel Family Visitor Guide

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