Essential Israeli Souvenirs For Your Suitcase

When you visit another city or country, the best part is exploring the fun and exciting places, trying out new food, staying in hotels, and just having the time of your life. However, there’s one more thing about visiting places that keeps the memories alive: The souvenirs!

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Every place has something unique to offer. For instance, someone who visits China always brings back Chinese folding fans, handcrafted porcelain vases, or some Chinese lantern. Similarly, visiting Turkey means keepsakes and gifts of Turkish lamps, sweets, or the Nazar Boncugu, the evil eye.

However, today, we will tell you about all the famous souvenirs from Israel that make great gifts. Israel is renowned for having distinctive decorative items, delicious edibles, and plenty of religious souvenirs.

Therefore, if you’re planning a visit to Israel, here’s a list of some must-get Israeli souvenirs:

1. Jewellery

Did you know that Israel exports $7 billion worth of diamonds annually? If you don’t believe it, check out the Diamond Exchange Center on the outskirts of Tel Aviv; you’ll find a vast collection of beautiful diamonds at wholesale prices!

But apart from diamonds, Israel also has the Eilat stone, which shines with spectacular hues of blues and greens.

FTME Israel Souvenirs - Yvel Jewellery Store

If you’re looking for branded jewellery with intricate designs, we suggest checking out YVEL, George Kouz Store, and Moriah Collection. However, if you want jewellery at reasonable rates, you can go to small workshops all over the country that excel in the art of jewellery making.

You’ll find everything from silver, gold, diamonds, pearls, Eilat stone, semi-precious stones, and even Roman glass. So, surprise your loved ones with the best holy land souvenirs: Premium jewellery all the way from Israel!

2. Bamba

If you have kids back home who love Cheetos, get them the Israeli version, Bamba!

FTME Israel Souvenirs - Bamba

Bamba is one of the unique products made in Israel. Unlike Cheetos, it does not contain cheese; however, it is made of a special peanut-based dough and is quite savoury. It is a much-loved item in Israel; people of all ages love munching on these crisp-like snacks.

Therefore, get a batch of Bamba, and let your family and friends taste the authentic flavours of Israel from the comfort of their homes!

3. Kiddush Cups

Kiddush cups are ceremonial cups that mark the beginning of meals on festivals, especially the Sabbath. Wine is poured into the cups, and a Jewish prayer is recited over them just before meals.

FTME Israel Souvenirs - Kiddush Cups

Kiddush cups are very special for the Jews and are passed down as family heirlooms and given as gifts at weddings and bar mitzvahs. They are made of pure silver and have special engravings on them. Therefore, if you’re in Israel, Kiddush cups are one of the best souvenirs to take back home.

It is the perfect gift for your mothers, grandmothers, or anyone who likes to collect intricate items and adorn them in their homes. Kiddush cups would definitely make a beautiful addition to their collection.

4. Dead Sea Beauty Products

We all know how people travel from far and wide to dip in the famous Dead Sea. Its high salt concentration is known to have pain-relieving properties. However, it is also rich in nutrients and minerals that do wonders for the skin.

FTME Israel Souvenirs - Dead Sea Beauty Products

You will find many shops all around Israel that offer Dead Sea Salt skincare products and topical medicines. If you’re looking for a good brand with a range of Dead Sea products, you can check out products by AHAWA.

So, grab some soothing scrubs, exfoliating facial washes, and cleansers made of Dead Sea salt, and give your loved ones a chance to pamper themselves!

5. Ceramics

In the early 19th century, several Armenian craftsmen came to Jerusalem to repaint the Dome of the Rock tiles. And that’s how unique ceramic art made its way into Israel!

FTME Israel Souvenirs - Ceramics

The Armenian artisans who stayed in Israel owned several workshops that dealt with beautiful ceramic designs and paintings. Some of them are still there! You’ll find everything from tiles, vases, flowerpots, dishes, plates, jugs, cups, teapots, salad bowls in traditional blue and white colours, and other vibrant shades.

You can also visit the souq to get ceramics; however, most have a typical variety. You can visit family-owned workshops, including Karakashian, Sandrouni, Balian, and Eli Kouz for unique pieces.

6. Israeli Wine

Another great souvenir to get from Israel is wine. It may or may not surprise you, but wine has been around in Israel since the 10th century. And there are hundreds of wineries spread all across the country.

Wine is an integral part of Jewish culture, and the favourable climatic conditions have aided the growth of grape vines. As a result, viticulture is blooming.

FTME Israel Souvenirs - Israeli Wine

You can get different types of wine in Israel. For instance, if you’re looking for regular budget-friendly wine, you can get the Dalton winery and Barkan varieties. However, if you’d like some rich and structured wine, we suggest getting the Wild Carignan, Ramat-a-Nadiv, and some other varieties from the Margalit winery.

So, if you have some exotic wine lovers back at home, take a bottle or two of opulent Israeli wine to make them merry!

7. Israeli Dates

You might be thinking, how can dates be special Israeli gifts, as you can easily get them from everywhere worldwide? Israeli dates, also called Medjools, are somewhat different from the common date varieties available internationally.

FTME Israel Souvenirs - Israeli Dates

Medjool dates are known as the king of dates and are sweeter and softer than the other varieties. However, if you don’t like eating dates, you can also get date syrup called Silan. It’s one of the unique things to buy in Israel because it is not widely available. It has a honey-like texture and can be used as a topping for pancakes, ice creams, smoothies, etc.

Therefore, take home a box or bottleful of health for your loved ones; treat them to authentic Medjool dates from Israel.

8. Hamsa

Israel has some distinct souvenirs with religious significance, Hamsa being one of them. It is a symbol of an open hand that is known to protect the bearer from evil eye and bad luck. The origin of Hamsa is still unknown; however, Muslims call it the “Hand of Fatima”, while Christians call it the “Hand of Mary.”

FTME Israel Souvenirs - Hamsa

It can be worn as an amulet or kept inside your pocket to ward away evil and bring good luck.

So, if you’re a firm believer in protective amulets, there’s nothing better than to get a Hamsa for your friends and family. And if you don’t believe in it, you can get it as a unique pendant or charm to be worn around the neck or wrist!

9. Menorah

Have you ever seen a seven-armed candle holder in movies or books on the mantlepiece? It looks amazing, right? It’s called a Menorah. If you’re thinking of what to buy in Israel, getting a Menorah is a good option.

FTME Israel Souvenirs - Menorah

It’s trendy, it’s sophisticated, and it adds to the beauty of your home! Plus, according to Jewish traditions, it protects from evil spirits and forces.

There is also the Hanukkah, which is a nine-armed candle holder. Both Menorah and Hanukkah are embellished with flowers, jewels, and intricate carvings, making them one of the best gifts from Israel.

10. Olive Wood Carvings

Israel has been famous for cultivating olive wood since the beginning of time. You can find plenty of references in the Bible to Olive oil and trees; therefore, the skilled artisans of Israel use the wood from Olive trees to carve beautiful works of art.

FTME Israel Souvenirs - Olive Wood Carvings

Most of these carvings are Christian-themed and can be found in Bethelem; however, some workshops also create random pieces of art just for decoration purposes.

So, if you have a friend or family member passionate about fascinating artwork, an Olive wood carving would make the perfect gift for them.

11. Keffiyeh

You must have seen Arab men wearing red and white cloth over their heads. It’s called a keffiyeh and is a typical men’s headwear in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia.

FTME Israel Souvenirs - Keffiyeh

The purpose of a keffiyeh is to protect the head and face from the scorching desert heat. However, it is also a great souvenir to take back home. You can either wear it on your head just like the Arabs or use it as a unique decor item by hanging it on the wall or using it as a throw.

In short, a keffiyeh is one of the best Israeli souvenirs to keep the memories of your trip alive for years to come!

12. Za’atar

We’ll wrap up this article with a souvenir from Israel that will go a long way. We’re talking about za’atar, a Mediterranean spice mix used in everyday Israeli cooking. You can get it from the local grocery stores or a fresh batch made from the souk.

FTME Israel Souvenirs - Za'atar

Take this mouthwatering spice mix back home, make a delicious meal, and add a touch of Israeli flavour to it with a bottle of Za’atar.

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