Sensational Souvenirs From Egypt to Remember Your Trip

Do you know the best part about visiting new and different places? Collecting souvenirs!  

Whenever we visit a new country, city, or town, our first question is, “What’s the speciality of this place?” Whether it’s food, fabric, decor items, or jewellery, we tend to get our hands on some of them to take back home as gifts for our loved ones or to keep with ourselves to remind us of our amazing trip. 

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And when it comes to Egypt, you can get some amazing items at discounted prices due to their haggling culture! From decorations to shoes to jewellery and beauty products, you can get an array of Egyptian souvenirs.  

This article will cover some of the must-get souvenir items from Egypt to wow your friends and family. 

Best Souvenirs From Egypt 

If you ever plan a trip to Egypt, visiting the famous souks is a must! Here’s a list of exotic items you can find in Egypt: 

1. Mini Pyramids 

A visit to Egypt is incomplete without checking out the pyramids of Giza! And while you can capture incredible images of yourself with the pyramids, it’s only fair if you want to bring back one as a souvenir.  

FTME Souvenirs From Egypt - Mini Pyramid

We’re not talking about the actual pyramids but the mini ceramic pyramids that are readily available in the markets of Egypt. They come in a set of three in various designs and sizes, so you can get a couple of sets for yourself or give them as a gift to your loved ones back home. 

The best part? They are cheap! That means you can get fantastic decor items or a much-appreciated gift at a reasonable price. 

2. Papyrus 

If you visit the pyramids, you will see numerous scrolls of paper with inscriptions on them. Those scrolls aren’t made of regular paper but papyrus, one of the oldest materials used for writing.  

FTME Souvenirs From Egypt - Papyrus

In the markets of Egypt, you will find several papyrus scrolls with hieroglyphs and ancient phrases, images, and figures on them. They’re not real papyrus; however, they look and feel exactly like the real deal and can be used as wall hangings to give your place a rustic vibe. 

3. Egyptian Figurines  

Apart from the pyramids, Egypt is also famous for its mythological creatures and characters like the Sphinx, Thoth, Bastet, Anubis, Nefertiti, Tutankhamun, etc. You can see the statues of these famous characters all over Egypt; however, if you want them as keepsakes, you can find these ancient Egyptian figurines in the local souks at the best prices. 

FTME Souvenirs From Egypt - Egyptian Figurines

These figurines are the best souvenirs and make the perfect gift for people who have only seen them on TV, in magazines, or on the internet. 

4. Mummy Cases 

If you’ve seen “The Mummy,” we’re sure you’re on the lookout for a mummy coming out of its case!  

FTME Souvenirs From Egypt - Mummy Cases

However, there’s no need to go on an adventure looking for a real mummy coming to life when you can easily get mummy cases as souvenirs from every nook and cranny of Egypt! They come in different sizes, and beautiful designs, complete with a mummy inside. 

You can also get coffins and sarcophagi souvenirs in various designs.  

Therefore, if you’re looking to beautify your home with an Egyptian touch, visit the local markets and get your hands on the unique mummy cases. 

5. Camel Figures 

One thing you’ll find in abundance in Egypt apart from the pyramids is camels!  

FTME Souvenirs From Egypt - Camel Figures

You can tour around Egypt on these domesticated animals and get a camel figurine on your way back. You can easily find Intricately decorated wooden camels, metal camels, plushies, and keychains in the bazaars of Egypt. 

These traditional Egyptian products make for great keepsakes and gifts and can add a beautiful touch to your interior. 

6. Scarabs  

Ancient Egyptians wore scarab-shaped amulets around their necks, as scarab beetles represent rebirth and hold an important religious significance in Egypt.  

FTME Souvenirs From Egypt - Scarabs

Nowadays, you can find scarab necklaces and bracelets in Egyptian souks in different colors, sizes, designs, and materials. Some of them are even engraved with hieroglyphs. They make for the best Egyptian souvenirs and beautiful gift items. Plus, they are available at very reasonable prices in the market. 

7. Customized Cartouche 

A customized gift is the best kind of gift! If you want to make someone’s day, get them a customized cartouche all the way from Egypt!  

FTME Souvenirs From Egypt - Customized Cartouche

A cartouche is an oval-shaped item with a name engraved inside. You can find it in different materials like alabaster, stone, and even silver. It comes in the form of a necklace, ring, or bracelet, and you can get any name engraved on it.  

So, make your loved ones back home happy with a customized cartouche created just for them! 

8. Mother of Pearl 

If you like intricately designed items, you will love the mother of pearl. It is an exclusive material with an inner layer made of oysters and is used to create objects like jewelry boxes, drums, and tables.  

FTME Souvenirs From Egypt -Mother of Pearl

Mother of pearl is also known as Sadaf by the locals, and you will find that many people have cabinets and furniture made out of this beautiful material.  

Therefore, if you want to experience the true beauty of Egypt back home, get a mother-of-pearl item for yourself, and add a touch of sophistication to your interior decoration.  

9. Jewelry  

One item that women can never hate and can never have enough of is jewellery! And it’s even better if the jewellery is made using exotic designs and ancient symbols. 

FTME Souvenirs From Egypt - Egyptian jewelry

With its silver, copper, and gold pendants, rings, bracelets, and earrings, designed with ancient art, Egyptian jewellery is the highlight for tourists. The incorporation of symbols like Hamsa, Ankh, Horus eye, Scarabs, and Isis, makes this jewellery famous worldwide.  

The best part is that it’s available at low prices, making for a budget-friendly gift option for your family and friends. 

10. Hieroglyphs  

Hieroglyphs is an ancient Egyptian language that consists of images and symbols. Although the language is not used nowadays in Egypt, you can get souvenirs with hieroglyphic inscriptions.  

FTME Souvenirs From Egypt - Hieroglyphs

The most common items found in the souks are postcards, mugs, scrolls, and jewellery with hieroglyphs; however, we recommend getting a personalized souvenir. For instance, your name or your favourite saying or poem in this ancient language, written on scrolls or engraved on jewellery.  

These were ten unique souvenirs from Egypt. However, if you want high-quality items at the best prices, here are the best places to shop in Egypt. 

Best Places to Shop in Egypt  

Whether you’re collecting Egyptian souvenirs for yourself, or getting a gift for someone, here are some of the best places to shop in Egypt: 

1. Souk Al Fustat, Cairo 

Souk Al Fustat is a small shopping mall located just outside the northern entrance to Coptic Cairo. It has several souvenirs and other everyday items available at reasonable prices, including Fatimid and Mamluke lamps, pillowcases with Bedouin work, traditional paintings, metal cups, woodwork, beautiful ceramic products, etc.  

FTME Souvenirs From Egypt - Souk Al Fustat

2. Old Market, Sharm Al Sheikh  

One of Egypt’s most famous places to shop for souvenirs is the Old Market in Sharm Al Sheikh. You can get a variety of stuff from here, including spices, essential oils, mini pyramids, t-shirts, and Egyptian handicrafts. The prices may be a bit higher, but you can bargain to get the best prices. 

FTME Souvenirs From Egypt - Old Market, Sharm Al Sheikh

3. Shariya Khayamia 

If you’re looking for interesting and unique items, you should visit Shariya Khayamia in Islamic Cairo. The famous items found in this bazaar are shawls, carpets, and small tents that can be used as kids’ playhouses. The vendors are friendly and polite and offer the best prices for their products. 

4. Souq Al Ataba  

Souq Al Ataba is a market in Cairo that offers visitors an impressive variety of souvenirs. You will find antique jewellery, everyday accessories, embroidered clothes, antique items, and beautiful handmade crafts from this souq at very low prices. No wonder it is famous for being one of the cheapest markets in Egypt! 

5. Luxor Bazaar  

If you want to experience shopping in medieval times, head to Luxor Bazaar! This market is clean and organized, with an entrance like a castle from the past, which makes shopping from here even more enjoyable.

You can get good-quality scarves, traditional clothes, ancient Egyptian figurines, papyrus scrolls, gold and silver jewellery, and other famous Egyptian souvenirs from this souk. However, the rates are a bit high and require exceptional haggling skills to get a reasonable price!  

FTME Souvenirs From Egypt - Luxor Bazaar

6. Sharia Al Souk, Aswan 

Sharia Al Souk is located just parallel to the River Nile. It is a souk with fewer crowds and a peaceful environment. Therefore, if you want to shop in peace, this is the bazaar you need to visit! It offers beautiful garments, spices, carpets, and many souvenir items. However, the prices are quite high, and you need good bargaining skills to get cheaper rates!  

Wrapping Up  

If you’re travelling to Egypt, you have to get famous souvenirs from the local souks. The souvenirs from Egypt include antique decor and jewellery items, ancient figurines, and intricately designed boxes, among others.  

Therefore, add a touch of rustic beauty to your home, adorn your walls with hieroglyphs-inscribed papyrus scrolls, and present unique gifts from Egypt to your loved ones.  

Souvenirs from Egypt are sure to catch everyone’s eye!  

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