Best Turkish Souvenirs To Bring Home From Türkiye 

Turkey has become one of the most loved destinations for tourists. A prominent part of it has to do with its splendid blend of European and Asian culture, its vibrant nightlife, and its spectacular scenery. And the food? Oh, the food! Lip-smacking kebabs, creamy boreks, and melt-in-the-mouth baklava! What a delight.

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As you can see, Turkey is for everybody. Yes, for shopaholics too.

Shopping in Turkey is a delightful experience. From the traditional bazaars to modern malls, you can find everything here. If you want something unique that reminds you of your trip and cherished memories or the perfect gift from abroad, get souvenirs from Turkey.

Since the haggling culture here is unbeatable, you can grab a few masterpieces at a steal (yes, literally).

But what to buy in Turkey? A traditional Turkish rug? A pair of colourful hand-painted ceramic plates? Or spices?

Let us help you decide what gifts from Turkey you must take home for yourself, your friends, and your family. Keep scrolling.

Best Turkish Souvenirs To Make Space in Your Case For

Turkish Carpets and Kilims

Turkey is renowned for its exquisite handwoven carpets and kilims. These intricate textiles come in so many sizes, patterns, and colours that you’ll be spoilt for choice. Look out for the traditional Anatolian designs for a touch of elegance and culture.

FTME Turkish Souvenirs - Turkish Carpets and Kilims

Since these beautiful pieces are exclusively hand-made, expect to pay a pretty penny for them. However, you’ll need a trustworthy seller and a bit of haggling skill to get them at a reasonable price. Don’t get too sad if you feel the item is out of your budget. There are smaller, similarly woven items like cushion covers, bags, and scarves that are easily affordable.

Turkish Ceramics

Turkish ceramics are decorative and colourful. They look regal and are pretty useful. From decorative plates and bowls to traditional Ottoman-style tiles and hand-painted ceramics, you’ll find a wide array of beautiful options to choose from. 

FTME Turkish Souvenirs - Turkish Ceramics

These culturally-rich pieces not only make for incredible memorabilia, but they also look great hung on the walls or placed on shelves.

Plus, they are available in various designs, patterns, and motifs. So, even if you want to gift these to all your friends, you can get each one something different.

Turkish Tea and Tea Sets

Did you know an average Turk drinks about 3-4 cups of tea daily? It’s true. In winter, the count can spike up to ten cups easily. So, it’s fair to say that tea is deeply ingrained in Turkish culture. If you’d like to take the heart of this culture home, pick up Turkish tea and a gorgeous tea set.

FTME Turkish Souvenirs - Turkish Tea and Tea Sets

Look for sets that include a çaydanlık (double teapot), çay bardağı (tea glasses), and a fincan (cup). They are adorned with intricate designs and patterns.

The iconic tulip-shaped glasses are the most popular.

Turkish Evil Eye Beads and Amulets

It’s a common belief that the evil eye (nazar) can bring bad luck. But don’t worry. You can protect yourself from evil with a nazar boncuğu or ‘evil eye bead.’ It’s the most popular souvenir of Turkey. Even if you aren’t superstitious, you can buy these as gifts for your friends or family. They are inexpensive and look very attractive.

FTME Turkish Souvenirs - Turkish Evil Eye Beads and Amulets

These pretty glass beads come in different colours and styles. Some of them even feature symbols from ancient Anatolian civilizations like the Hittites and Assyrians. 

You’ll usually find them in the form of jewellery, keychains, wall hangings, and feng shui pieces. Plus, these spiritual souvenirs are one of Turkey’s cheapest gifts. So, get as many as you wish.

Turkish Bath Essentials

Turkey is famous for its hammams (Turkish baths), and you can bring a piece of that experience home with you. Look for soaps, peshtemal (thin bath towels), or hammam kese (exfoliating mitts) to recreate the luxurious Turkish bath atmosphere. You’ll easily find these in local shops and supermarkets. They come in excellent packaging, making them ready-to-gift items.

FTME Turkish Souvenirs - Turkish Bath Essentials

The best thing about hammam soaps is that they are a combination of natural ingredients like olive oil, laurel oil, and honey. These soaps are gentle on the skin and smell great. No allergies, either.

All these items are reasonably priced.

Turkish Spices and Herbs

No matter which part of Turkey you visit, the aroma of spices will follow you. Turkish food is known for its unique blend of herbs and spices. So, why not bring some of these flavours home?

FTME Turkish Souvenirs - Turkish Spices and Herbs

If you enjoy cooking, Turkish spices will make a tasty addition to your pantry.

Istanbul’s Spice Bazaar is a great place to shop for these spices. The bazaar has more than

Eighty shops that sell herbs, spices, and teas. Look out for Za’atar (a mix of thyme, marjoram, cumin, oregano, and sumac), Dibek Kahvesi (a type of coarsely ground Turkish coffee), Pul Biber (Turkish red pepper flakes), and Çörek Otu (cumin seed powder). 

If you want to try all the spices, you can pick ‘selection packs’ of the most famous ones. But they might not be as fresh.

Turkish Delights

We saved the best for last. A trip to Turkey is incomplete without trying its delicious Turkish delights or lokum. They are so delectable that you’ll be compelled to buy a box or two.

FTME Turkish Souvenirs - Turkish Delights

These sugar-dusted cubes come in many flavours. The traditional ones include rose, orange, and pistachio. But if you’re feeling adventurous, try exotic combos like chocolate and pear or banana and cinnamon.

Look for shops that make these goodies fresh (it’s not hard to spot a good one). Check the dates and try to buy them before your journey home. Your friends and family will love you for it.

Where to Look for Cheap Souvenirs in Turkey

We all want to save some bucks. There’s no shame in that. Also, souvenirs are supposed to be pocket-friendly. So, where do you pick the best souvenirs from Turkey without breaking the bank?

We have a list of places for you.

Grand Bazaar

It is the ultimate shopping destination in Turkey. You’ll find everything here, from jewellery to carpets, ceramics to spices. Just don’t forget to haggle.

FTME Turkish Souvenirs - Grand Bazaar

Arasta Bazaar

Located right behind the Blue Mosque, Arasta Bazaar is similar to Gran Bazaar minus the crowd. You’ll find incredible rugs, carpets, ceramics, tiles, and jewellery here.

Bagdat Street

If your taste is more modern, then Bagdat Street in Istanbul is the place for you. Here, you’ll find glassware, sculptures, paintings, and accessories, all at good prices.

Oscar Bazaar

It is the best place to buy cheap souvenirs in Istanbul. It’s filled with all kinds of trinkets, from keychains to magnets, postcards to T-shirts. Plus, everything here is pretty affordable.

Spice Bazaar

Are you looking for herb teas and spices? Then, head to Spice Bazaar. Turkish tea and coffee are must-buy items here. Plus, you can get herbal soaps, creams, and essential oils for a steal.

FTME Turkish Souvenirs - Spice Bazaar

Where Not to Shop for Souvenirs in Turkey

Like there are many places you can shop from, there are some that should be avoided.

The Istanbul Airport

Some of us prefer grabbing a few goodies from the airport right before heading back home. While it’s a good way to budget your time, it’s not the best way to budget your money. Airport shops often charge you double or even triple the price for souvenirs. Plus, if you’re buying Turkish delights like baklava or tea, they might not be as fresh as the ones bought from a local market.

FTME Turkish Souvenirs - Istanbul Airport

Shops in High Tourist Areas

If you’re trying to dodge high prices, steer clear of the shops in popular tourist destinations like Sultanahmet and Taksim Square. They may flaunt a wide range of souvenirs, but they are likely to be overpriced. Also, the quality might not be as good as the ones you’d find in local markets. Consider exploring local markets and neighbourhoods for a more authentic and affordable experience.

Tips for Shopping for Souvenirs in Turkey

If it’s your first time in Turkey, you can use all the information you get. When it comes to shopping for souvenirs from Turkey, we swear by the following tips for a successful shopping day out.

  • Haggling really is an art form. Refrain from showing too much excitement about the product. That’ll give away your intentions, and the seller might hike up the price.
  • Let the shopkeeper quote his price first. Then you can haggle wisely to get the best deal.
  • If you’re buying multiple items from a shop, try to bundle. That way you can get a discount.
  • Know when to walk away (and return). Seeing a potential buyer walk away can often result in a lower price, so feel free to turn away from an offer.
  • Always assume the quoted price to be for cash. Credit card transactions clear at 2% to 6% more. If you pay by card, the shopkeeper will charge that extra amount.
  • Don’t fall for the tax refund scam. There’s no such thing as tax-free shopping. The salesperson is just trying to fool you.
  • Stay away from Turkish antiquities. It’s illegal to take artefacts out of Turkey. You can face strict penalties, including imprisonment.

More Tips for Planning a Turkey Family Vacation

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