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This website is made possible by passionate travel writers and families who have lived in the Middle East or travelled the region extensively and wish to share their joy and passion.

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Keri Hedrick – Editor

Keri Hedrick Editor of Family Travel in the Middle East

Keri is the founder and editor of Family Travel in the Middle East.

An Aussie/British expat living in Abu Dhabi, UAE, she has explored the region extensively with her husband, three children and camera in hand.

Documenting their adventures, digging beneath the surface and connecting travellers, she shares her personal adventures at Our Globetrotters.

Keri is also the Middle East Editor for Perlu Influencer Network, Editor behind Dubai Travel Planner, Abu Dhabi Travel Planner and co-editor of online city travel planning tool Little City Trips.

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Keri’s most recent posts:

Lynette Fortey-Burnett – Contributing Writer

Lynette Fortey-Burnett contributing writer

Lynette grew up in the UK and has travelled extensively in Europe and Asia.

A Classical Archaeologist by training, Lynette has worked in Museum Curatorship and Education and in a variety of teaching roles before turning to writing. She is a firm believer in travel as a learning experience and seeks out educational opportunities in the most unusual of places.

She now lives in Abu Dhabi with her husband and two young children.

Lynette’s most recent posts:

And many more of our handy “what to wear” travel advice guides.

Erin Henk – Contributing Writer

Erin Henk - Contributing Writer

Erin grew up in the United States and now lives with her husband and son in Beirut, Lebanon. A humanitarian aid and development worker by day, she enjoys travel writing as her second vocation.  

A passionate traveler, Erin has lived and worked in many places, including Guatemala, Afghanistan, France and Turkey. She fully believes in travel’s power to teach and enrich our lives, to deepen our appreciation and understanding of one another, and to promote justice and humanity.

You can read her personal essays on her blog The Peripat.

Erin’s most recent posts:

Shea Wittig – Contributing Writer

Shea Wittig Writers Profile

A sustainable professional, eco-writer and global citizen with a relentless wanderlust spirit. Shea has lived in Australia, England and the Middle East and her love for travelling to new and exotic locations has fueled her dedication to share ways to live and travel more sustainably.

She is most happy when exploring the wonders of the world with her young family, supporting businesses with an ethical ethos and treating herself to the odd piece of chocolate (Fair Trade, of course!).

You can connect with Shea at her personal blog Conversations with My Sister. 

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Shea’s most recent posts: 

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