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Important facts and information to know when visiting Oman

A destination with a little bit of everything from mountains to desert, oceans to sink holes, even waterfalls! Yes you read that right!

What defines Oman from most of its neighbours is its stringent efforts to retain its original character. Strict building codes have prevented any sort of high rise development and gives the country a feeling of a land that time forgot – in a wonderful, characterful way!

Musnadam Peninsula aerial view of costal drive to Khasab, Oman | Family Travel Destinations in the Middle East

Visiting Oman Important Facts

Official NameSultanate of Oman
CurrencyOmani Rial | 1OR=1000biasa 1OR =2.6USD
LanguageArabic (English widely spoken as is Baluchi, Urdu, Hindi)
LeadershipSultan Haitham bin Tariq Al Said - Monarch & Head of State
Important DatesNational Day 18 November, 23 July Renaissance Day & islamic Holidays
ClimateSubtropical - varies across regions
ElectricsType G British
VisasVisit Visa online, fees payable
SafetyExercise normal precautions
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Oman Visa Information

  • Since 17 March 2018 you now need to apply for an eVisa in advance
  • 30-day tourist visas cost 20OR ($52USD). The 10 day visit Visa has recently been re-introduced 5OR
  • You can use an online visa service such as iVisa to help you with your Oman Visa requirements
  • GCC residents can apply at the lower rate of 5OR (note the main household sponsor must be present to avail this discount)
  • If you are crossing the border by land from the UAE note there is also an exit fee from the UAE (35AED)

Click here to find out more about Oman Visas

Points for Family Visitors to be Aware of in Oman

  • Ladies are not required to be covered but should dress conservatively to avoid unwanted attention. You can read our full guide on what to wear for children, women & men here.
  • Beyond the bigger towns, supplies of Western brand baby products are more difficult to get. Stock up on anything you need whilst in Muscat, Sohar or Nizwa where there are big supermarkets like Carrefour. Khasab on the Musandam Peninsular has a large Lulus for supplies.

General Travel Tips for Visiting Oman

  • In some places such as the Musandam Peninsula, UAE Dirhams are accepted at a 10:1 rate to the Omani Riyal – a small downside in the exchange but it may well save you trying to find an ATM if you are only in Oman for a day or two.
  • Outside of major cities don’t expect there to be ATM’s and credit card facilities everywhere.
  • Remote areas of the country will not have cell services; if you are self-driving, make sure you have downloaded maps too.

See our regional guide to culture and religion for more – coming soon

When is it Best to Visit Oman

Oman is best visited during the cooler winter months of the year where daytime temperatures are pleasant – October through to May.  It can rain in the winter and spring, be warned of the risk of flash flooding risks, particular under mountains.

During the summer months of July through to September, the southern city of Salalah benefits from the Khareef – monsoonal weather that makes temperatures much cooler than elsewhere on the Arabian Peninsula.  The hottest month of the year is June, though not as hot as other parts of the Middle East.

Read our full guide on the best time to visit Oman here

Most Popular Attractions in Oman

Oman is a geographically fascinating country which brings with it many interesting features that families will love.

It is difficult to see everything the country has to offer on one trip as the major points of interest are so spread out but we recommend you try and visit these at some point during your time in the Middle East:

  • Muscat – The historic city capital which in stark contrast to the rest of the Middle East has no skyscrapers, so much of the cities original charm and architecture remains
  • Daymaniyat Islands – protected coastal area with stunning white sand beaches and great snorkelling
  • Ras Al Jinz – catch the turtle migration and hatching season May to September
  • Jebel Shams – scale the country’s tallest peak in teh Northeast, close to the UAE border
  • The Wadis – mountainous ravines are a huge feature of Oman’s eastern regions (see this detailed guide here to Oman’s best Wadi locations!)
  • Sinkholes – there are a few sinkholes that visitors can swim in but the most famous is the Bimmah Sinkhole
  • Musandam Peninsula – the mountainous Northern enclave separated from the mainland of Oman by the UAE.
  • Nizwa – visit the historic capital of Oman and see the wonderfully restored fort along with the bustling souk
  • Al Hoota Caves – in the mountains beyond Nizwa you’ll find these amazing natural limestone formations
  • Wahiba Sands – beautiful desert sands to the west of Muscat
  • Salalah – the oasis city of the southern coast

Oman with Kids – Our Travel Stories

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View from Bahla Fort

Route Planning in Oman

Use these handy guides to plot your itinerary between major points of interest in Oman:

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Further reading and resources on Oman

Blogs & Social channels

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  • Oman Tourism – Official tourism website
  • Oman Observer – Oman’s leading English newspaper often has up-to-date travel guides and inspiration for weekenders

We cannot live without our Explorer guidebooks when tackling road trips on the Arabian Peninsula. You may also want to check out these handy guidebooks to accompany you on your trip to Oman:

Recommended Tours and Drivers

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Movies and literature

  • The Turtle of Oman – Moving novel based on a child who must leave his Muscat home to immigrate to the US
  • A History of Modern Oman – A local back as far as the 18th century, ushering in the era of oil, Islamic culture and the country’s role as a moderate in the region

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