Brilliant & Beautiful: The Best Beaches in Oman

Located on the southeastern coast of the Arabian peninsula, right where the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea merge, is the small but mighty Middle East country of Oman.  

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Like all Arabian countries, Oman is also sandy and dry; however, the coastal belt is a different story altogether! The northern coast of Oman lies amidst lush green mountains and the magnificent sea, which starkly contrast the rest of the country. 

Whilst the country might be most famous for its beautiful wadi’s and inland sinkholes, you will also find beautiful beaches with soft sand and calm water in this region, perfect for a beach getaway!  

Therefore, if you want to experience a relaxing yet adventurous vacation in the Middle East, we have compiled a list of beautiful beaches in Oman and some of the best Oman beach resorts to plan a family escape. 

So, let’s explore what the coast of Oman has in store for us beach-lovers! 

6 Best Beaches in Oman  

Following are some of the most beautiful beaches in Oman that everyone must visit at least once! Warning – you will need a car, and in some instances, a 4WD to see all these incredible places!

1. Tiwi Beach  

Tiwi Beach is located on the eastern coast of Oman. It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches because it is full of all the wonders of nature. From majestic mountains to unique rock formations, lush green vegetation, and of course, the beach itself, with its sparkling white sand, is truly a sight to behold. 

Most people visit Tiwi Beach to relax and spend time dipping their feet in the calm water; however, if you want to make your Oman trip exciting, you can go snorkelling, hiking, and mountain climbing. 

FTME Best Beaches in Oman - Tiwi Beach
Turquoise-coloured water and steep rock coastline near Tiwi Beach.

How to Get There? 

The best way to get to Tiwi is via Muscat. From Muscat, it takes 2 hours and 19 minutes to reach Tiwi by car or taxi, and 5 hours by bus, via Highway 17. 

2. Khalouf Beach  

If you’re looking for a beach that offers various activities for visitors, Khalouf Beach is the ideal place. Located in Ras Bintawt, this beach is a famous tourist destination.  

For starters, it’s a private beach; therefore, you can expect little to no crowd. Secondly, you can go snorkelling, fishing, and camping amidst the white sand dunes (aka sugar dunes) and crystal clear waters of the beach.  

Another thing that makes Khalouf beach different is the eagles and flamingos that frequent this place and can be easily spotted during your trip. 

FTME Best Beaches in Oman - Khalouf Beach
The landscape of Al Khalouf beach with dunes and white sands.

How to Get There? 

The best way to get to Al Khalouf Beach is via Muscat. It takes over 5 hours to reach by car or taxi and 8 hours by bus. The remoteness of this beach and the lack of tourists is part of its charm!

3. Al Qurum Beach  

Al Qurum Beach is the ultimate city beach location, with a mesmerizing landscape and numerous activities lined up for visitors. It is located centrally in Muscat and is famous for being one of the longest beaches in Oman, with a coastline spread across 4 km. 

The beach is beautiful, with palm trees lined across the coastline. You can relax on the beach’s soft sand or make the most of your trip by jet-skiing or snorkelling. It has many cafes, restaurants, and malls nearby, so you can grab a bite after enjoying an adventurous day at the beach. 

FTME Best Beaches in Oman - Al Qurum Beach  
Al Qurum Beach in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, Middle East.

How to Get There? 

As Al Qurum beach is located in Muscat, you simply have to reach Muscat by air, car, or bus and head over to the beach. 

4. Al Bustan Beach  

Also located near Muscat city centre on the eastern coast of Oman, Al Bustan beach should be on your list of Oman beaches to visit! It is part of the Al Bustan Palace hotel; therefore, you can only access it if you’re a guest!  

The beach is surrounded by tall mountains, lush green parks, and sparkling white sand, making it an ideal spot for true nature lovers. Plus, there are many thrilling activities for the visitors, including snorkelling, kayaking, deep-sea diving, and sailing.  

So, whether you want to relax and take in the beauty or experience fun water sports at sea, Al Bustan beach is the place to be! 

FTME Best Beaches in Oman - Al Bustan Beach
Sunny Al Bustan beach landscape with bright blue skies.

How to Get There? 

Al Bustan beach is situated just 30 km from Muscat, so you can easily get there by car, taxi, or bus. 

5. Al Mughsail Beach

Found in the Dhofar Province in the far southwest of the country, the remote Al Mughsail beach offers an absolute treat of white sand beach and turquoise waters, surrounded by lush green mountains during the khareef session.

Mughsail Beach near Salalah in Oman

One of the most beautiful beaches in the Middle East, not just the soft sand to enjoy, but the rugged edges of this beach have unique blowholes that dramatically erupt with seawater every few minutes!

How to get there?

Mughsail is found around 45 minutes southwest of Salalah. You may be able to get a transfer service from your Salalah accommodation or hire a car or taxi to reach this remote area, or we’d recommend jumping on a tour with a local expert to show you all the magic of the sensational Salalah coastline:

6. Ras Al Jinz or Turtle Beach  

Ras Al Jinz, also known as Turtle Beach, is located in Al Hadd. It is an amazing beach to visit for many reasons.  

For starters, it is surrounded by exquisite beauty, including lush green vegetation and fantastic rock formations. Secondly, it is one of the cleanest beaches you’ll ever find. Lastly, and most importantly, it is home to turtles that you can spot after sundown in their natural habitat.  

It is also known as Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve Centre, and from August till October, you can observe female turtles laying their eggs. The people in charge of the place and the visitors take great care to keep the area clean and calm so as not to disturb the little critters! 

FTME Best Beaches in Oman - Ras Al Jinz
Ras Al-Jinz Beach is a nesting site for green turtles, as also the beach at the local village of Ras al Hadd.

How to Get There? 

You can get to Ras Al Jinz or Turtle Beach via Sur. The distance by car is only 45 minutes; however, you can also come directly from Muscat in around 3 hours, either self-driving or hiring a transfer service

Best Beach Resorts in Oman  

When in Oman, we’re sure you want to stay at the finest hotels and resorts. Therefore, whether you’re visiting to check out the mystical beaches, enjoy thrilling water activities, climb the mountains, or explore the rich culture, here’s a rundown of some of the best beach resorts in Oman. 

1. Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah, Muscat Resort

If you want to see luxury at its best, stay at the Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah near Muscat. This exquisite resort offers 500m of exclusive private beachfront; it’s no wonder it’s regularly touted as the best family hotel in Muscat – in fact, one of the best in the Middle East!

Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah courtesy Joey at Flee me a Trip

Actually two hotels in one, Al Bandar and Al Waha, all rooms are spaciously built with families in mind, and the recreation opportunities are endless. From water sports to the 550 metre-long hotel lazy river, every detail has been thought of to make this a comfortable and luxurious stay for all the family.

You can see a more detailed review of staying at Shangri-La Barr al Jissah in this guest post – highlights your of Oman with kids

2. Zighy Bay Hotel and Resort 

Zighy Bay Hotel and Resort by Six Senses is another luxury retreat in Oman. Located in Musandam, right between the Gulf of Oman and the Hajar Mountains, the hotel has three buildings with a variety of rooms, suites, and villas based on your preference. 

The accommodations are built of natural stone and timber, with modernistic interiors, vibrant living rooms, comfortable beds with organic bedding, and terracotta tubs.  

There are freshwater and saltwater pools at Zighy Bay, with poolside dining options as well. Apart from this, the guests have access to 1 mile of a private beach area, a tennis court, a gym, a yoga room, and 2 Arabiab-style hammams at the spa.  

The resort has three restaurants and two bars on-site; however, on request, the staff can arrange an exclusive dinner on a secluded beach or the 950 feet tall cliff overlooking Zighy Bay. 

We highly recommend a stay at the Zighy Bay Hotel and Resort for a once-in-a-lifetime eco-luxury experience.

3. Crowne Plaza Resort Salalah 

Another excellent option for Oman beach resorts is the Crowne Plaza Resort in Salalah.  

Salalah is famous for its tropical climate and the khareef season, and a stay at Crowne Plaza is an add-on to an already amazing trip. The resort is surrounded by 42 acres of lush green gardens with a mesmerizing view of the Indian Ocean.  

This Salalah resort also has a stretch of white sandy beach on one side for the guests to relax. Apart from the beach, the hotel has three interconnecting pools, a tennis court, a squash court, and a 9-hole par-3 garden golf course. 

The uber-comfortable rooms are intricately decorated with vibrant interiors and a peaceful ambience. Plus, the hotel has several on-premise restaurants offering an extravagant dinner buffet on the white sand beach that sparkles under the moonlight.  

4. The Chedi 

If you’re looking for an Oman beach resort with a sleek, minimalistic look, The Chedi is a good option.  

It is a landscaped garden oasis in Muscat, with rooms and villas designed according to the Omani culture. All rooms have a mini bar, flat-screen TV, espresso machine, and a spacious work desk. 

Six on-site restaurants offer delicious Arabic, Asian, International, Mediterranean, Japanese, and fusion cuisines with indoor, outdoor, and poolside options. There are three swimming pools, access to a private beach, and a 13-suite Balinese spa offering aromatherapy, Ayurveda, and herbalism beauty rituals. 

More On Oman With Kids

Many people think that countries in the Middle East are hot, dry, and desert-like; however, the coast of Oman proves otherwise!   With beautiful beaches, luxury resorts, soft sand, and calm waters abundant in marine life, the coastal regions of Oman offer a unique experience to visitors.  

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