Amman to Dead Sea: All Your Transport Options Explained

One of the strangest natural phenomena on Earth is the Dead Sea. It is located right in the middle of Jordan and Israel, with Jordan to the east and Israel to the west.

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But what is so strange and unique about the Dead Sea? You see, the Dead Sea has 34% salinity, which makes it 10 times saltier than regular ocean water. Its high saline content prevents fish and aquatic plants from living in it; plus, humans stay afloat when they swim in it. Astonishing, isn’t it?

With so many extraordinary features, a Dead Sea day trip is a must! And the best way to visit this natural wonder is via Amman. The reason? The distance is relatively less, and you can easily plan a day trip from Amman to the Dead Sea within a few hours.

Distance from Amman to the Dead Sea

The distance from Amman to the Dead Sea is only 60 km, which means it takes almost under an hour to travel between the two sites.

However, when you land at Queen Alia Airport (AMM) in Amman, it takes almost an hour to reach the Dead Sea, depending on the traffic conditions and the vehicle chosen.

Which transport option in Jordan should you go for? Which is the cheapest, and how do you get to the Dead Sea in the most convenient manner? Let’s have a look at each.

Transport Options to the Dead Sea from Amman

There are five easy ways to get to the Dead Sea from Amman:

  • By bus
  • By taxi
  • By rental car
  • By private transfer
  • By joining a tour

Here are the details for each:

Amman to Dead Sea Bus

The bus is the most economical way to get to the Dead Sea from Amman. There are 2 bus options in Amman: The JETT bus and the minibus.

To travel via the JETT bus, you’ll have to get a bus from 7th Circle. The buses are air-conditioned and leave only on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 8:30 am and return at 4 pm. The cost of travelling in a JETT bus is JD 12 per person for a round-trip from Amman to the Dead Sea and back.

However, if you’re looking for an even cheaper option, we recommend taking the minibus. But even though this option costs only JD 1 per person, it can be a hassle. You can get a bus from the Muhajireen Station to South Shuna; from there, you’ll have to take another minibus to the Dead Sea.

Therefore, either travel via the JETT bus or take the minibus if you’re travelling solo or with a group of friends. We wouldn’t recommend taking the public bus if you have kids along with you.

Taxi Amman to Dead Sea

Another way to get to the Dead Sea from Amman is via taxi. It takes almost 45 minutes to an hour to get to the Dead Sea by can. Expect an Amman to Dead Sea taxi price of anywhere between 20 to 25 JD.

Even though going by taxi is a comfortable and convenient option, you don’t have the ease of stopping along the way to check out various spots or take pictures. However, if your main focus is getting to the Dead Sea, this option is perfect for you!

Amman to Dead Sea by Car – Self-Drive

If you love road trips and taking your time to get to a place, renting a car would be ideal! It costs around 20 to 25 JD, almost the same as a taxi; however, you can stop at beautiful sites along the way and take amazing pictures.

The time it takes to reach the Dead Sea depends on how often you stop along the way, but from Amman airport, for example, direct, it’s under an hour.

If you avoid the city centre of Amman, it’s pretty straightforward to drive in Jordan, with the Dead Sea being the perfect starting point for a road trip around southern Jordan.

Amman to Dead Sea via Private Transfer

Travelling via private transfer is also a good option if you’re visiting Amman for the first time and have no budget issues. You can book a car and driver from Queen Alia International Airport (AMM) and reach the Dead Sea relaxed and comfortably.

Hiring a private driver costs around JD 75; however, you have the ease of exploring different sites along the way and accessing the Dead Sea free of cost.

Tour Group From Amman to Dead Sea

You will find several companies in Amman that organize day trips to the Dead Sea. However, you won’t find a tour group that takes you solely to the Dead Sea and back; there will be other stopovers on the way.

For instance, you can book a tour that takes you to the Dead Sea from Amman, plus it also includes other famous spots nearby like Jerash, Nebo, Petra, Madaba, etc.

The cost of going with a tour group is anywhere between 75 to 250 JD, depending on the number of sites it covers and what facilities are included.

How Long Do You Need at the Dead Sea?

There’s not much to do at the Dead Sea except for visiting some viewpoints and floating in the sea. Therefore, one whole day, including the travel time, is more than enough to enjoy the region. However, if you plan on checking out other nearby spots like Mount Nebo, Bethany Beyond Jordan, Wadi Mujib, and Ma’in Springs, 2 to 3 days are ideal.

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Women floating in the salty water of the Dead Sea.

Other Sites of Interest to Cover on a Dead Sea Day Trip

If you’re planning a trip from Amman to the Dead Sea, it is a good idea to cover other nearby sites of interest, too.

  • Visiting the historic Masada Fort is also a great idea. This site has the remains of the fort, a Byzantine church, a bathhouse, water cisterns, and a museum.
  • You can also visit Wadi Mujib, almost 40 km from the Dead Sea. It’s an excellent place for hiking, canyoning, and birdwatching.
  • If you want to enjoy the scenic view of the Dead Sea and the Jordan Valley river, climb atop Mount Nebo for JD 2.

Staying overnight at the Dead Sea

Should you wish to extend your trip to the Dead Sea, there is a string of luxury resorts lining the waterfront (albeit they’re getting further and further from the actual sea as the water level recedes each year).

We have a detailed guide to all the best resorts for families planning a Jordan Dead Sea trip

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the entrance fee to the Dead Sea?

The entrance fee to the Dead Sea public beach is 25 JD. However, if you want to float in the Dead Sea for free, you can go to the Herodotus Springs area, 10 km away,

Q. How long can you stay in the water of the Dead Sea?

Due to the high amount of salinity in the Dead Sea, you can stay for a maximum of 10 to 15 minutes in the water. The salt will start irritating your skin if you remain in the water for longer.

It is not recommended to enter the waters outside of the public beach and the resorts along the Dead Sea where there is no fresh water to rinse off.

Q. What precautions should we take in the Dead Sea?

When visiting the Dead Sea, there are several things you should take care of:
– Do not put the water in your eyes as it will cause burning and itching.
– Do not stay in the water for more than 10 to 15 minutes, as your skin will get irritated.
– Do not get into the water if you have cuts or open sores, as the salt can cause them to burn.
– Do not duck your head underwater, as it will burn your eyes and can be dangerous if it gets into your mouth or lungs.
You can find our complete guide to mistakes to avoid in the Dead Sea over here.

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