Shopping For Jordan Souvenirs: Fun & Fascinating Items To Bring Home

Jordan is a culturally rich destination with welcoming locals and stunning archaeological sites. It is why a lot of tourists are attracted to visit this place.

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If you’re planning a trip to Jordan, you must’ve researched the activities, accommodation, and attractions. We have another essential aspect to add to your travel checklist: shopping for Jordan souvenirs.

Buying souvenirs from Jordan will help you keep a memory of this place close to your heart. You’ll be able to support the locals and indulge in authentic Jordanian culture at the same time. 

So, let’s check out what to buy in Jordan for yourself, friends, and family! 

Best Jordan Souvenirs to Take Home

Dead Sea Mud

The Dead Sea is a can’t-miss spot for tourists in Jordan. Here, you can relaxingly float in the hypersaline water and slather the mud on your skin for a spa-like experience. 

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Dead Sea mud is rich in Suplhur, making it a skincare superhero. It fights off nasty microbes and soothes inflammation. It’s also a pro at clearing out your pores, exfoliating dead skin, and giving your skin a nice, firm feel. So, if you’re battling breakouts and redness, this mud is your new best friend. 

So, when you’re thinking of taking home one of the best Jordan souvenirs, this is it! Don’t pay too much for it, though. 

Dead Sea Spa Products

Mud isn’t the only thing that’s special about the Dead Sea. The water here is laden with minerals and salts that are great for pampering your skin. Therefore, a lot of skincare products sold in Jordan contain Dead Sea water or minerals. 

FTME Jordan Souvenirs - Dead Sea Spa Products

From body scrubs and bath salts to face masks and creams, you’ll find it all here. These products make for great gifts for your loved ones back home who couldn’t make the trip with you. 

If you’re shopping in Amman, you’ll easily find stores that sell Dead Sea spa products. Some might even have soaps, lotions, and fragrance oils, too. 

Bedouin Kohl 

Kohl is a makeup classic in Jordan. Women (and some men, too) wear it on their eyes to reduce the harsh glare of the sun, protect their eyes from the gritty sand, and add a dash of cosmetic flair. The most popular kind is Bedouin Kohl, which is made of antimony and galena. It’s completely safe for the eyes and makes them look bigger and prettier.

In Amman, vendors offer kohl demonstrations for free (of course). They’ll apply the kohl to one eye, and you’ll be amazed by the difference it makes. You could buy it from them or take a stroll in Amman’s markets to find stalls that sell Bedouin kohl. 

If you want to buy gifts from Jordan for your makeup lover friends, this is perfect. 

Bedouin Clothes

Take home traditional Jordanian gifts in the form of thoabs, serwals, and madraga. These are modest, loose-fitting clothes that are perfect for hot climates. They’re traditionally worn by Bedouins in Jordan and are now a popular choice among tourists who want to dress like locals.

FTME Jordan Souvenirs - Bedouin Clothes

If you visit Petra, you’ll see men wearing thoabs (long dresses) and serwals (trousers) with pride. Similarly, women wear madraga (long dress) and usaba (headgear) to cover themselves. These clothes come in vibrant colors and embroidery patterns, so choose what you fancy. 

You’ll easily find them in the souks of Amman and Madaba. Also, don’t worry about the size; they’re all quite free-sized! 

Tribal Jewelry

Next on our list of Jordanian souvenirs is tribal jewelry. These exquisite pieces represent the culture of the Bedouin tribe. From intricately designed silver bracelets and necklaces to ornate earrings, there’s a wide variety to pick from. 

FTME Jordan Souvenirs - Tribal Jewelry

Jordan’s tribal jewelry comes in different sizes. You’ll find bold, all-silver lockets and delicate woven necklaces.  

No matter what you pick, each piece will remind you of your time in Jordan. Souk Al-Salt in Salt City is a good place to shop for jewelry. 

Sand Art in Bottles

Have you ever looked at a bottle with intricate designs, mostly landscapes, made out of coloured sand? Oh, they look phenomenal. What if we told you they’re all hand-made? That’s right! Jordanian artists are masters at creating sand art. They layer coloured sand in a bottle and create stunning sceneries of Petra, Wadi Rum, Qasr al-Kharana, and other places. If you want customized designs, that’s possible, too. The price will be slightly higher, though. 

FTME Jordan Souvenirs - Sand Art in Bottles

Sand art bottles are lightweight, making it easy to carry them. You can display them on your mantle, and they’ll always get attention. 

You’ll find these Jordanian souvenirs in many different locations. Go with the best price.


Travelling to Madaba? Well, then, you don’t have to think much about what souvenirs to buy in Jordan! Madaba is known as the “City of Mosaics.” It is where you’ll find colourful, hand-made, and intricately put-together mosaics of all sizes and designs.

FTME Jordan Souvenirs - Mosaics

You could buy a mosaic plate to serve food or just for decorative purposes. You’ll also find tiles, coasters, magnets, and other items with mosaic patterns on them. These make fantastic gifts as they’re lightweight and come in many price ranges. You can even get one custom-made if you have enough time to spare.

Aladdin Lamps

Have you always been intrigued by the enchanting lamps from the movie Aladin? Well, now you can make them a part of your home’s decor. Jordan has a lot of these available, and all with extremely detailed finishing. They also come in different colors. Red, yellow, green, blue, and even multi-colored, all decorated with golden patterns and designs. 

FTME Jordan Souvenirs - Aladdin Lamps

These Aladdin lamps are not only beautiful but also have a functional use. You could use them as candle holders or even as incense burners. They come in all shapes and sizes, some even small enough to fit into your hand.

You’ll find these lamps at most tourist shops or local markets. You can bargain a bit for the best price. 


Jordanian dishes like Mansaf and Falafel are incomplete without Zaatar sprinkled on them. This Middle Eastern spice is made of dried herbs, sesame seeds, and salt. It’s tangy nutty, and gives a unique flavor to all dishes. 

FTME Jordan Souvenirs - Zaatar

If you love cooking or have friends who do, then buying Zaatar as a gift from Jordan is an excellent option. You’ll find it in spice shops and markets. You could even buy it from supermarkets to get branded Zaatar, but the local market one tastes better. 

Plus, it’s one of the cheap things to buy in Jordan that’s also readily available. 

Jordanian Tea

Tea is a huge part of Jordanian cuisine. Black tea is a go-to choice, and Jordans prefer sipping on mint tea after a meal or with a dessert. They serve tea in short glasses without handles that they call “Istikan.”

So, when you’re shopping in Jordan, make sure you grab a few bags of tea. You can also grab a bag of dried sage herbal tea leaves and chrysanthemum flowers to try something new. 

You can find Jordanian tea in local markets, spice shops, and supermarkets. Choose one that comes in pretty packaging for an added visual charm. If you’re a coffee or a wine, there are options for you, too. 

Shisha Pipe

Shisha, also known as Hookah, is a popular activity in Jordan. You’ll find shishas almost everywhere. But instead of just enjoying them during your stay in Jordan, why not take one home? Shisha pipes come in beautiful designs and colours that serve as decorative pieces.

FTME Jordan Souvenirs - Shisha Pipe

You can buy a complete set with the pipe, hose, and bowl from local markets or specialty shops. You could also bargain for a better price, especially if you’re buying more than one.

But make sure you get it checked in with your luggage before flying back home, as they may not allow it in your hand luggage.

Buying Jordan Souvenirs for Family and Friends

Jordan has a lot of things that you can bring back home with you. So, when you’re packing your bag for the trip, make sure you leave some room in there. You’ll thank yourself that you did. 

When it comes to shopping in Jordan, remember that you won’t find a lot of craft bazaars or specific souvenir shops. Mostly, you’ll find souvenirs in the souks (markets) while touring the cities. So, keep your eyes open, as there’s a lot to explore.

Also, stick to your bargaining skills. They’ll get you the best price. However, there are three things to be extremely cautious about when haggling. 

  • First, never start the haggling process, even if you’re a slight bit unsure whether you want to buy the item or not.
  • Second, never lose your temper!
  • And, most importantly, believe that the final price the seller gives is actually unbudgeable! It’s a take-it-or-leave-it kind of market. 

P.S. Don’t buy anything that ages back to 1700 and before. Jordanian law forbids the act. 

Some of the best places to go shopping include the Souk Jara in Amman, Why Not Shop in Petra, Jerusalem Bazaar in Aqaba, and Wadi Rum Visitor Center in Wadi Rum.

We hope you enjoy your time picking the best souvenirs from Jordan. 

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