Tipping in Jordan: Cultural Expectations & Amounts in 2024

One of the most confusing aspects of visiting a new country and a new culture can be determining whether you should tip for services, particularly prevalent in the tourism industry. Jordan is a tipping culture, but whilst giving a tip is encouraged, it’s pretty discretionary based on the services you received.

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There is no ‘fixed’ amount of tip to give in Jordan, and it’s by no means compulsory, but those in the tourism industry greatly appreciate tips. Generally speaking, they are on low incomes and will work hard for their tips, so contribute a little more when it is due.

Unlike other countries (looking straight at your Egypt) where it feels tips are constantly expected, and any random will try and ‘help’ you in return for some baksheesh, Jordanians are much more likely to patiently wait for generosity to be shown MOST of the time (we’ll mention a couple of exceptions!)

What Currency Should You Tip In Jordan?

Tips in Jordan can be given in Jordanian Dinar (JOD), though Euro and USD notes (not coins) are also accepted as these can be readily exchanged.

Note that JOD is pegged to the USD, so, for example. JOD 10 = $14.10 USD.

The exchange is not fixed with the Euro, so expect this to fluctuate a little, around 1.2 to 1.3. At the time of writing, JOD 10 would equal approximately Euro 13.30

Dinar can me written JD or JOD.

What Amount Should I Tip in Jordan?

From our own experiences, and with feedback from family living in Jordan and a few helpful comments in our Facebook group, we believe this to be a fairly up-to-date current assessment of ‘respectable tipping’ in Jordan in 2024.

Do not feel obliged to follow this to a tee, but use it as a budgeting guide:

Bar drinks – Just stopping for drinks? An additional amount is not expected every time you order a round, but adding 5-10% or rounding the bill is appreciated.

Drivers – Around 3-10 JOD per person, depending on whether you are on a private or group trip and if it is a shorter leg (3-5) or an all-day, cross-country drive.

Guides – Between JOD 5-25 per person per day, depending on whether you are on a private or group trip (Eg, for a family on a group tour, 5 JOD per person, per day would feel right; at the other end of the spectrum, a couple with an excellent private guide, total 40-50 JOD may be more appropriate).

Horse Guides in Petra – Supposedly “free”, but do expect hands out for a hefty tip at the end; ditto camel and donkeys within Petra, agreed fee + a tip expected. Save yourself the stress of an argument and budget on another 5 JOD on top of what you agreed.

Hotel Staff – Bellman 1-2 JOD per item of luggage, and 2-3 JD left for room cleaning, discretionary (maybe if they’ve made the extra effort with fun towel shapes, etc.).

Petra Licensed Guide – You will already pay a fee at the ticket booth when booking your professional guide – 50 to 100 JOD (depending on how far they’ll accompany you). Add another 10% over the agreed fee per person.

Restaurants – If it’s not already been added as a compulsory charge (they should say on their menus if they do this), then add up to an additional 10% for dine-in bills; not expected on street foods/takeaway counters.

Spas – Fairly optional; if you had a great experience and were there for half a day/full day, add another 5-15%.

Taxi – Rounding up to the next dinar is fine.

Wadi Rum Tours – Normally, these are conducted in a small group, so add another JOD 2-5 per person in your travelling party.

NB, on organised multi-day group tours, it’s not uncommon to agree on the amount of suggested contribution per person. It shouldn’t be obligatory, but I’m sure you all know how it feels in those peer-pressure situations; once it’s agreed upon amongst a group, it can get pretty awkward to say no. Go in forewarned and budget for it.

How Do You Hand Over Your Tip in Jordan?

It is best placed directly into the hand of your recipient (rather than leaving it on a restaurant table, for example)

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