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Important facts and information to know when visiting Qatar as a Family

The small Gulf nation of Qatar, home to around 2.7 million, juts into the Persian Gulf. Best known for its glitzy modern high rises, it still has an ancient Bedouin past, plenty of green parks and many wonderful cultural experiences that families will enjoy.

Visiting Qatar Important Facts

Official NameState of Qatar
CurrencyQatari Riyal 1OR=0.27USD fixed
LanguageArabic, english widely spoken
ReligionMuslim (But large expat population of Christians, Hindu, Buddhist)
LeadershipConstitutional Monarchy, Emir of Qatar is Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani
Important DatesNational Day 18 December; Ramdan, Eid & Islamic celebrations observed
ClimateArid Desert
Electrics240v Mostly Type G (British), some Type D
VisasFree visit visa on arrival for 80+ countries
SafetyCrime levels low but in political dispute with GCC neighbours

You can find more interesting facts about Qatar here.

Qatar Map

Qatar visa information

  • Most visitors can enter Qatar with a free visa on arrival.
  • There are over 80 countries that are now eligible for the Visa on arrival and 34 countries that are eligible for a 180-day waiver, allowing up to 90 days to be spent in the country – the most generous tourist visa of all Middle East countries
  • If you are not eligible for free entry as listed in these 80 countries, but hold a residents permit or visit visa to GCC countries Australia, Canada, UK, USA or NZ you can obtain an Electronic Travel Authorisation online free of charge prior to travelling
  • If none of the above applies to your country, you can still obtain a Tourist Visa online through Qatar Visa Service which costs 100QAR for 30 days.

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Points for family visitors to be aware of in Qatar

  • Ladies are not required to be fully covered in public but are best to dress conservatively in public places.  Beach clubs and private resorts will have different dress codes. You can find our detailed guide on what to wear here.
  • Qatar is a very family orientated country – the Qataris tend to have large families and there are usually children’s entertainment hubs to be found wherever you go from parks to shopping malls and restaurants
  • You will have no problem getting baby supplies and major international brands from the plentiful shopping malls

General travel tips for visiting Qatar

  • The diplomatic dispute between Qatar and its GCC neighbours has now ended. Direct flights have resumed between the UAE, Saudi, Bahrain and Egypt to Qatar.

See our regional guide to culture and religion for more  – coming soon

When is it best to visit Qatar

Qatar is a hot, arid desert country. Summers can be stiflingly hot, up to 50c during the daytime with mild winters. It can rain in the winter but it is sporadic and unpredictable.

The best time to visit is from November through to April.  The springtime sees the Qatar International Food Festival (QIFF) and many festive events.

The spotlight will be thrown on the country in 2022 with the FIFA World cup taking place from 21 November to 18 December.

You can find our full guide to the best time to visit Qatar here.

Most popular attractions in Qatar

Much of the interest is in the capital Doha, but attractions do spread beyond the city and into the desert.

  • Museum of Islamic Art – one of the best showcases in the region in an architecturally stunning building
  • Souq Waqif – restored to its traditional glory a hugely popular spot for tourists and locals alike; everything from perfume to pets can be found here
  • MIA Park – fabulous parklands including playgrounds in front of the Museum of Islamic Art
  • Al Corniche – walk along the city’s 4km shoreline on this multi-purpose promenade, with spectacular views of the city and the ocean
  • Aspire Park – one of the largest, lush park spaces in the Gulf. Includes Aspire Tower, a legacy from the 15th Asian Games
  • The Pearl – Modern Doha: a man-made island off Doha’s west bay for high-end hotels and boutiques as well as a marina and many dining options
  • Katara Cultural Village – between West Bay and the Pearl, it is home to huge festival events
  • Khor Al Udeid – where the sea is surrounded by desert – an inland sea with giant sand dunes to combine the best of the beach and the desert

You can find our complete guide to the best attractions in Qatar here.

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