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Important facts and information to know when visiting Egypt

Possibly the most famous and instantly recognisable of the Middle East countries, though the only one on the African continent. History dating back thousands of years and some of the world’s most spectacular and intact buildings make Egypt a must for every family’s travel itinerary.

Tourism has been impacted in recent years by ongoing civil issues.  Many parts of the country have increased caution warnings for travellers, and some parts closed to all but essential travel.  You should always check current travel advisories and we recommend good insurance in place if planning a trip to Egypt.

Visiting Egypt Important Facts

Official NameJumhuriyat Misr al-Arabiyah (Arab Republic of Egypt)
CurrencyEgyptian pound | 1EGP=0.05658USD
LanguageEgyptian Arabic (English and French widely spoken)
ReligionIslam with Christian minority
LeadershipRepublic with elected president
Important Dates7 Jan Coptic Christmas, 23 July Revolution Day & Islamic Holidays
ClimateDry desert to Mediterranean
Electrics220V & Type C/F sockets
Visase-Visa for tourists
SafetyTravel advisories in place - see below
Map of Egypt in relation to the Middle East

Egypt safety information

There are several regions of Egypt that tourists are advised not to travel to at present:

Click here for more from the UK Home Office and the US Department of State

Egypt visa information

  • A visit visa is required to enter the country for the purposes of tourism. It costs $25USD
  • There a number of countries who can get a visa on arrival, including EU countries, Australia, NZ, Canada, Japan, Russia and the US – you can see the full listing here.
  • There are also 46 countries – including those listed above – who can apply for an e-Visa online in advance

Click here to find out more about Egypt Visas

Points for family visitors to be aware of in Egypt

  • Ladies are not required to have their head covered but as with the rest of the Middle East region, a conservative dress style is required in public – you can read more on what ladies should wear here
  • Vendors have no shame in physically touching to get your attention
  • Females are recommended not to travel alone in Egypt
  • The streets and markets can be busy and chaotic, keep a close eye on children. Crossing rodes can be difficult
  • Fair-hair touching is also rife – keep your kids nearby

General travel tips for visiting Egypt

  • Tipping or “Baksheesh” is expected for pretty much everything from taxi’s to toilet attendants
  • You can tip and pay in USD or LE
  • Driving can be particularly dangerous, self-driving is not recommended
  • Touts and over-enthusiastic salesmen are rife at all popular tourist attractions

See our regional guide to culture and religion for more – coming soon

When is it best to visit Egypt

Egypt is best visited in the cooler winter months.  Summer temperatures can reach in excess of 40 degrees and it is too hot and unpleasant for outdoor exploring.  The Red Sea resort towns remain popular year-round

The cooler winter months from November to April are best for outdoor exploration but also expect greater crowds at popular tourist sites, particularly over the Christmas to New Year break.

You can see our detailed guide on when to visit Egypt HERE.

Most popular attractions in Egypt

The list of must-visit attractions in Egypt is quite extensive! Cairo is the most popular starting point for most where you can go on to discover the Nile Valley, but don’t forget the coastal areas as well from Alexandria in the north on the Mediterranean and Sharm el-Sheikh and Dahab on the Sinai Peninsular.

  • Pyramids of Giza – Built as tombs for the mighty Pharaohs and guarded by the Sphinx.  the only remaining ancient Wonder of the World and one of the world’s most recognisable sites.
  • Karnak Temple and Valley of the Kings – also known as the largest open-air museum in the world, set aside several days to explore the town of Luxor
  • Abu Simbel – famous for Ramses II’s great temple
  • Egyptian Museum – Cairo’s major highlight and one of the most amazing collections in the world; see the royal mummies exhibits and the famous King Tutankhamen
  • Siwa Oasis – in the western desert of Egypt, this oasis town is one of the countries most picturesque
  • Alexandria – the historic port town on the Mediterranean
  • Red Sea – one of the top diving destinations in the world. Popular resort towns include Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh and Dahab

Egypt with Kids – Our Travel Stories

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Further reading and resources on Egypt

Blogs & Social Media

  • Do you have a favourite Egyptian based blog or account to recommend?


There is an extensive range of tourist guides focused on Egypt.  Here are some popular recommendations:

Recommended Tours and Drivers

Do you have a favourite tour company for families or a driver you would like to recommend?

Movies and literature

The choices are extensive! Here are some of our favourites that all the family might enjoy before a trip to Egypt:

  • The Mummy – 1999 action picture + sequels
  • The Prince of Egypt – animated classic
  • Cleopatra – 1963 classic starring Elizabeth Taylor
  • Death on the Nile – book by Agatha Christie also made into a film set from Aswan to Luxor (and interestingly they keep sailing on to Abu Simbel??  A little poetic license)
  • Cairo Time – A 2009 drama set in Cairo
  • The Yacoubian Building – a fascinating insight into Egyptian culture. The intertwining lives of the residents of one building in Cairo. The original Arabic text has been translated into English and the story made into a film.
The Yacoubian Building
A great cultural read prior to a trip to Egypt

Kids Resources

Many children will no doubt study the ancient Egyptians as part of their school curriculum.  There are plentiful resources we have highlighted some favourites here, but will also have a separate post coming soon with a more extensive guide given the amount of literature on this topic!

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