Best Time To Visit Hurghada And The Red Sea Coast

Who knew that the hot and dry desert country of Egypt has a beautiful coastal city Hurghada?

Located on the Western coast of the Red Sea, the city of Hurghada stretches over an expanse of 36 kilometres. From Cairo, it is almost 500 km towards the South-East, while it borders Ras Gareb in the North, Safaga in the South, Sohag and Assyut Governorates in the West, and the Red Sea to the east.

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It was once a small fishing village but has grown into one of Egypt’s main tourist resorts on the Red Sea Coast. This is in no small part due to the Red Sea waters, which are ideal for diving and snorkelling year-round, and its wonderful temperate climate.

So, what’s the best time to visit Hurghada, and why should you visit it? Let’s have a look.

Why Should You Visit Hurghada?

Because it has amazing water activities, a happening nightlife, and of course warm, welcoming weather all year round!

If you want to cool off in the hot and dry Egyptian climate, the watersports in Hurghada await you! The various resorts along the Red Sea coast offer windsurfing, snorkelling, kitesurfing, yachting, scuba diving, and many other water-related activities for visitors.

It’s a family-friendly coastal city, offering a wide variety of exceptional resorts to suit different budgets.

If you’re a party animal, Hurghada is also a superb vacation spot. There are several clubs, bars, cafes, and discos that host parties for tourists with amazing food and drinks. Plus, if you want to experience the colossal starry night, go on an astronomical night trip away from the city and into the desert, where you can have a stellar view of the night sky.

We have a complete guide to all the interesting things to do in Hurghada here.

Weather in Hurghada

The weather in Hurghada is a temperate, subtropical desert climate. It is hot half of the year, while the temperature hardly ever falls below 16°C during the winter. The nights, however, can get a bit chilly, owing to the nearby desert.

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Here’s a seasonal guide to Hurghada to decide which months are ideal for you to visit.

Summers in Hurghada

The summer season in Hurghada is from June to August. Hurghada experiences the hottest temperatures during this time, between 26 to 40°C. However, this is also the time when the city is brimming with tourists!

Compared with many Middle East destinations on the Arabian Peninsula, Hurghada’s summer temperatures are not nearly as intense or humid.

The water temperature, on average, is 28.6°C in summer, reaching as high as 31°C in August.

During these months, hotel prices and flight fares are the highest. Therefore, making your summer bookings for Hurghada in advance is wise.

Fall/Autumn in Hurghada

September to November is the fall season in Hurghada. The temperature during these months ranges from 27 to 36°C and can be quite pleasant due to the humidity and wind.

However, these months are the slowest for Hurghada in terms of tourists, even though the hotel prices and flight fares are lower compared to the other months.

You can still enjoy water temperatures in Hurghada between 25 to 29°C even up to November.

Hurghada makes an ideal destination for families to visit during the October term break.

Winters in Hurghada

From December to February, Hurghada experiences the winter season. The temperature ranges from 21 to 26°C during the daytime, but it can drop as low as 16°C on some days.

After summer, this is the next busiest season in Hurghada, as people travel from all over the world to spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve exploring Egypt and the Red Sea coast.

Even though it’s winter, the temperature is good enough to go for a swim during the day (if you’re used to European weather!) The coldest water temperatures are experienced in February, around 20 to 24°C.

Spring in Hurghada

March to May marks the spring season in Hurghada. Although the temperature is between 27 to 36°C, tourism is relatively low during this time, and so are the prices.

The Red Sea takes time to heat up for summer, expect the warmer water conditions to return by the end of May/early June.

With the weather sorted, let’s have a deeper look at the water and diving conditions during these seasons:

Diving Conditions in Hurghada

As mentioned earlier, the weather in Hurghada, Egypt, is temperate most of the time. Therefore, the winters aren’t too cold, and the temperature in months other than summer is also within the normal range for comfortable diving.

This is why the Red Sea is considered one of the best warm water dive locations in the world.

Although the Red Sea is considered a year-round diving destination, the months of April, May, October, and November are considered the best.

In winter, the water temperature can drop to 20°C, which might be a bit cool for some; however, most days when the sun is out, the water is good enough to swim in. A 5-7mm full-length wetsuit is recommended for winter and those prone to the cold.

Similarly, in the summer months of June through August, the water can be almost 30 degrees, which is a bit on the warmer side for some. The water temperature stays warm through until November.

Many of the most interesting Red Sea creatures, including grey reef sharks, dugongs and dolphins, can be spotted year-round, with the best visibility occurring in the winter.

In summer, it’s turtle breeding season, and in late spring, the plankton blooms bring manta rays in to feed. It’s also the best time for spotting hammerhead sharks from May to September.

Although sightings are rare, whale shark season runs from later May to early July. Many experienced divers will prefer this time of year for an opportunity to spot these majestic creatures.

Religious and Public Holidays in Hurghada

In Hurghada, Egypt, 4 Islamic holidays (Islamic new year, 12th Rabi-ul-Awal, Eid-ul-Fitr, and Eid-ul-Adha) and 1 Christian holiday (Christmas) are observed. While the national day of Egypt on July 23 and Labour Day on May 1 are public holidays.

You might find the resorts and public places jam-packed these days, as the locals would also be out enjoying their day off.

You can find a complete guide to public holidays in Egypt here.

So, is there a best time to visit Hurghada?

Best Time to Visit Hurghada

If you love the sun, the crowd, and warm water to splash in and have the budget to afford high hotel prices and airfares, visit Hurghada during the summer between June and August.

But if you’re on a budget and would like to have a relaxing and quiet time in the pleasant weather, visit during fall between September to November.

Though the crowds are high from November through February, the climate is quite cool. So, plan a trip during these months to enjoy the Hurghada weather in winter.

Lastly, the weather from March to May is warm, and you can get amazing discounted deals on hotels and other activities. So, if the weather isn’t an issue, but money is, spring is ideal for you to visit Hurghada.

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Best of luck planning your family trip to Hurghada. Snorkellers and divers especially will be spoilt by the Red Sea offering, and it makes a wonderful stepping stone to exploring deeper into the incredible sites of Egypt.

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