Planning a Family Holiday in Jordan in 2023

With stunning natural landscapes, important religious sites, incredible historical monuments, and some of the most fascinating geographic points on earth – the small but mighty nation of Jordan in the Middle East is an absolutely essential stop for intrepid family travellers.

Jordan Family trip superimposed over the sand archways of Wadi Rum desert, Jordan

On this page, we’re going to guide you through step-by-step exactly how to plan a family adventure the whole family will love to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Visas and Entry into Jordan

Even working out who is allowed to enter a country these days can be as big a challenge as actually trying to plan a trip!

Read up on currently entry rules for Jordan and any changes to COVID entry requirements before booking those flights, then check your Visa requirements. Most nationalities are entitled to visit Jordan with a paid Visa on Arrival (including children).

One thing we would thoroughly recommend, though, is getting your hands on the Jordan Pass. This pass covers not only your Visa but entry to Petra & dozens of other attractions in Jordan for up to 2 weeks, you can understand more about it here.

Safety in Jordan

Jordan precariously sits sandwiched between Israel and the West Bank, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Iraq. Throughout Jordan’s history, they have always been seen as a moderate in the region and one of the safest and most politically stable. 

We’d always read up on any Government warnings before travel (UK Foreign Office Travel Advice | US State Department Advice), but generally speaking, Jordan is considered a safe country for international tourists.

Travel Insurance in Jordan

Despite being a relatively safe country to visit, do check that any world travel insurance policies will cover a stop in Jordan.  They can often exclude many Middle Eastern countries. We recommend using renowned world travel specialists World Nomads, who understand the region and its nuances.

When to Visit Jordan

Jordan’s geographic location means that there are quite different microclimates around the country, ranging from an arid desert in the south to a milder Mediterranean climate in the north. There is no “bad time” to visit Jordan, though do be aware of these regional differences in weather.

The country’s capital Amman in the north, where most visitors arrive by air, can be very cold in winter – even experiencing snow. Conversely, Aqaba and the Red Sea stay mild in winter (though you’d be brave to take a dip!) and heats up over summer to highs of 40°C/104°F.

For this reason, we always recommend Spring and Fall as the best time to visit Jordan. The absolute best months for visiting Jordan are April and October, which can conveniently overlap with school holidays.

Tala Bay resort in Jordan
A seaside resort in Tala Bay, Jordan on the Red Sea

How to travel around Jordan

The next big step in planning your trip to Jordan is determining what you want to see and do!  The main attractions that most visitors come to Jordan to see and experience are:

  • Wandering through the Lost City of Petra
  • Go glamping at a Bedouin camp in the protected Wadi Rum Desert
  • Swimming and diving in the Red Sea
  • Visiting the lowest point on earth and floating in the Dead Sea
  • Driving the famous Kings Highways
  • Uncover the colonnaded streets of ancient Gerasa (Jerash)

It’s important to note that none of these places are next to each other! The country is not huge, but highways are not fast, so Amman in the north to Aqaba in the south is about 4 hours. Taking the windy King’s Highway, you are looking at a lot longer – however you tackle it, you’ll need your own transportation.

Confident drivers can look to rent a car from the airport and head immediately south (we don’t recommend driving in Amman unless you’ve seriously got your wits about you!) or investigate a private driver who can take you to all the destinations you need.

We have top driving tips for Jordan here to help you decide if it’s a road trip you’re feeling brave enough to tackle on your own or if you’d rather take a few day tours from Amman, or join a guided tour around the country, such as heading north to Jerash and Umm Qais.

You may find these point-to-point travel guides helpful for navigating the country:

How many days will I need in Jordan?

Depending on how many of these attractions you want to see in one visit and how thoroughly, we recommend between 5 to 10 days. Of course, longer is always encouraged, but we know many families try to fit a visit to Jordan during a school break and flight schedules. 

If you visit for anything less than nine days, you will undoubtedly need to miss some things off your Jordan Itinerary:

What to pack for Jordan

This will very much depend on the season.  Remembering you are in a Muslim country, it’s always sensible to err on the side of more conservative clothing. You’ll find for dealing with the heat and the types of experiences you’ll want to undertake, long cargos and a shirt to protect your shoulders from the sun will be sensible attire. 

We recommend kids wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty! There’s plenty to explore, so through in the usual adventure gear like hats and sunscreen, and maybe bring along some binoculars and sturdy footwear as there will be a lot of walking.

We have a complete guide on what to wear in Jordan here, including a family packing list to help you on your way!

Ready to take a Jordan Holiday with your family?

Undeniably one of the most fascinating and rewarding family experiences you will undertake, we strongly recommend everyone gets Jordan on their family bucket list!

Jordan Guide Book

For a first-timer looking to visit Jordan, we can highly recommend you download the Step Into Jordan Guide & Itineraries.

This handy digital guide is just $19.99USD and includes:

  • An interactive downloadable map
  • 36 detailed pages of planning guidance
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Plan a family trip to Jordan featuring the Petra treasury and the citadel in amman

See our complete family guide to Jordan here