Qatar Electric Plugs & Sockets: What to Pack to Keep Powered in Doha!

Planning a trip to Doha? On your Qatar packing list, you no doubt have your phone (of course!), camera, maybe even your laptop, a hairdryer? But how do you charge all your electrical devices in Qatar?

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Qatar Power Plugs

Power sockets in Qatar GENERALLY SPEAKING are TYPE G. This is the rectangular, 3-pin socket, just like you would find in the UK.

Qatar operates between a 220V-240V supply voltage and 50Hz.

Type G Plug and socket

So what Qatar adapter do I need?

If you are planning to visit Qatar and your electrical devices do not have a Type G plug, you will need to pack an international adapter to convert your plug type into a UK/Type G plug.

This can be a multi-to-multi plug – ideal if you are largely charging devices that use a USB. Or, if you have larger devices and chargers to plug in, a type G plug that converts to those plugs of your own country.

Occasionally, you will still see some legacy Type D plugs from other regions (predominantly India, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka). However as a tourist you’re unlikely to comes across these sockets unless you’re staying in very old accommodation.

Pack a Power Strip for Qatar

We strongly recommend packing a power board or power strip if you’ll be charging multiple devices. Even modern hotels in Doha never have enough plugs (especially when you’re travelling as a family) for all your devices.

With a power board, you’ll only need a single Type G plug and then a universal power strip to charge all your devices simultaneously.

Will my Doha hotel room have a USB socket?

Some, but not all, hotels in Qatar will now provide you with direct USB charging sockets in your room, but it’s certainly not the case in every hotel.

You are best packing a Type G plug with USB sockets for this purpose (or a power board including USB sockets that can then be plugged into the wall with a converter).

Remember, power plug adapters will only convert plug type; they do not convert voltage – read on!

Will You Need a Voltage Converter in Qatar?

All power sockets in Qatar provide a standard voltage of 220V with a standard frequency of 50Hz.

You can use all your equipment in Qatar if your country’s outlet voltage is between 220V-240V. This is the case in most of Europe, Australia, and most countries in Africa and Asia.

The standard frequency in Qatar is 50Hz. If this frequency differs from the frequency used in your home country, please use caution when plugging in your devices.

Check the small print on your device. If you see 100-240V 50/60Hz printed, the adapter is rated to work on all voltages used worldwide.

If the standard voltage in your country is in the range of 100V-127V (which is most common in the Americas), you might need a voltage converter in Qatar:

If you are heading onward to other parts of the Middle East, you will find a great guide to power sockets and voltage converters you might need here.

Picking up electrical supplies in Qatar

Should you realise upon arriving in Qatar you do not have the right plug or voltage converter, fear not! These items are easy to grab at any of the major malls in Qatar or even convenience stores. Expect to pay around 20 AED for a simple plug converter.

A voltage converter could cost significantly more, so its worth bringing your own if you know this will be an issue.

More Frequently Asked Questions About Power Plugs in Qatar

Is Qatar plug same as USA?

No, the USA uses a Type A plug with two vertical pins (or sometimes a Type B which includes a grounding pin).

While some hotels are fitted with international sockets, most are not; If you are travelling with devices that use a Type A plug, you will need to get a Type A to Type G adapter or an international travel adapter.

Also, bear in mind coming from the USA your voltage may be different.

Is Qatar plug the same as UK?

Yes, most standard plug points you’ll find in Qatar hotels will be a Type G rectangular 3-pin, the same as the UK. You will not need an adaptor or a step-down coming to Qatar from the UK.

Are Qatar plugs the same as India?

No. You will find plug types C, D & M in India, but these are all round pin. They will not be compatible with the power sockets in Qatar, so you will need a converter. The voltage is, however, the same, so there is no need for a stepdown.

Do European plugs work in Qatar?

No, if you have an appliance with European plugs you will need a type C to type G adaptor.

Does Qatar Airways have power outlets?

Yes, even in economy seats on Qatar Airways you’ll find USB points and laptop power outlets.

Your Qatar Packing List

We’ve created this detailed packing list to help you plan for a family trip to Doha, Qatar.

Packing List Qatar

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