Planning Your Road Trip Dubai to Fujairah

Sitting on the east coast of the United Arab Emirates, the Emirate of Fujairah is snuggled between the Hajar Mountains and the Gulf of Oman. 

It is the perfect staycation getaway destination for residents in the country’s larger cities Dubai and Abu Dhabi. For overseas visitors, it makes for the perfect contrast to the rest of the UAE, mountainous and quite lush with some amazing dive spots.

Dubai to Fujairah mountain road

So how do you get from Dubai to Fujairah? We are going to talk you through:

  • Private vehicle driving options (definitely gives you the most flexibility for exploring)
  • The Dubai to Fujairah Bus E700
  • Private tours to Fujairah and the east coast from Dubai.

Driving from Dubai to Fujairah

There is a small airport in Fujairah, (FJR) for charter flights, but most visitors to Fujairah arrive by road.

The exact route you take will depend whether you are heading to Fujairah city centre, the popular beach resort areas of Al Aqah or the northern township of Dibba, bordering with the Omani exclave of Musandam – we talk more about planning your trip to Musandam here, though Fujairah and Musandam could equally be combined as part of a longer road trip together.

There are three main driving routes from Dubai to Fujairah:

  • From Dubai, take the E611, then exit 24 for the E102. Turn off at Exit 47, then take the E84 straight to Fujairah City. (Approx 1 hour 20 mins from Downtown Dubai)
  • Via the mountainous route through Masafi, the E611 all the way from Dubai, turn left at the E99 and north to Al Aqah. (Approx 1 hour and 50 mins from Downtown Dubai).
  • For Dibba, the E611 until the Al Shohadaa Rd E87 roundabout, follow the E87 until the E89 roundabout. (Approx 1 hour and 50 minutes).

The journey time can be substantially longer if leaving Dubai at peak times such as Thursday evening before the weekend or popular public holidays in the UAE so factor this into your timings!!

Al Rafisah Dam Sharjah - Fujairah enclave

Abu Dhabi to Fujairah

If you are travelling from Abu Dhabi, you will first need to take the E11, then connect to the E611 or E102 in Dubai, then follow the instructions above to reach the different parts of Fujairah Emirate.

The journey from Abu Dhabi to Dubai can add at least another hour to the journey, depending on what part of Abu Dhabi you set out from. Leaving from the Corniche, add at least another 30 minutes again.

On a Thursday afternoon, you can expect the journey from Abu Dhabi Corniche to the Fujairah resorts area to take at least 3.5 to 4 hours. The journey home on a Saturday afternoon with less traffic can be a little quicker.

Fujairah to Dubai

Many will choose to drive into Fujairah in one direction as described above, then as you tour around the highlights of Fujairah, you can drive home along one of the other well-marked freeways. 

The main highways on the E102 and E87 routes are both well-maintained dual highway roads making for relatively easy driving conditions once you are out of Dubai city centre.

Search your UAE car hire options here

Public transport options

We are going to look at both public bus and private tour options if you do not have your own car.

Taxi is also a door to door option, you can expect to pay in the vicinity of 250AED to 300AED.

Dubai to Fujairah Bus E700

The RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) operates the E700 Intercity Bus route from Dubai to Fujairah. It departs from the Union Square Bus Station in Deira, Dubai (immediately adjacent to the Union Station Metro, an interchange between the Red & Green Metro lines). You can see the Union Square Bus Station map here.

The Intercity Bus Dubai to Fujairah costs 25AED one way and terminates at Fujairah Bus Station. You can use Nol to pay the fare.

Dubai to Fujairah Bus Timings

To get the exact timings of this hourly Dubai to Fujairah service you are best visiting the Wojhati App by RTA, timings are always subject to change and may differ on Fridays, public holidays and Ramadan.

At the time of writing, the Dubai to Fujairah E700 service leaves every one and a half hours from 5.30am to 9.30pm at night. It takes a little over 2 hours from Dubai to Fujairah with stops along the way.

See the complete Dubai to Fujairah Bus route map

Fujairah to Dubai Bus

Going in reverse, you can catch a public bus from Old City, Fujairah Bus Station to Dubai (Union Square Bus Station) every one hour and a half hours.

The Intercity Bus Journey Fujairah to Dubai costs 25 AED one way. You can use NOl to pay fares on Intercity buses.

Fujairah to Dubai Bus Timings

The timetable is subject to changes so you are best getting the exact timetable as above from the Wojhati App by RTA, noting that Fridays, Saturdays and public holidays timetables may change.

Expect the bus to leave at approximately 1 hour and 30-minute intervals. At the time of writing the E700 Service Fujairah to Dubai starts at 5.15am and the last service leaves Fujairah at 9.30pm.

The journey Fujairah to Dubai takes just over 2 hours with multiple stops.

See the complete Fujairah to Dubai route map here.

Shiekh Zayed Mosque Fujairah

Dubai Airport to Fujairah

The E700 bus Dubai to Fujairah has a scheduled stop at Airport Terminal 1 Arrivals DXB. You can also stop here on the return bus Fujairah to Dubai DXB, just before the bus returns to Union Station in Deira.

You could also look at a Private taxi transfer from Dubai Airport DXB to Fujairah, which would take you directly to your destination. Expect this to cost around 250AED to Fujairah city.

Organised tours: Fujairah day trip from Dubai

There are not many companies specialising just in Fujairah site seeing, but there are many that offer day scuba diving trips from Dubai.

Don’t forget to check out our top tips on the best cultural highlights of Fujairah to include on an East Coast Road Trip – you may find one day is not nearly enough!

If you want to stay in Fujairah, check out our family-friendly accommodation guide here.

Scuba Diving Day Trips Dubai to Fujairah

There are several operators who will arrange pickups from your Dubai hotel and take you door to door to the popular Fujairah dive spots.

(Note dive operators may require PADI certificate and passport information in advance to confirm your booking. We recommend booking through the reputable Get Your Guide booking app with free cancellation up to 24 hours before and flexible online booking)

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