Visiting Saudi Arabia is Now Easier For GCC Residents

Saudi Arabia Welcomes GCC Residents without Requiring Specific Professions

From 10 March 2023, the Saudi Tourism Authority has welcomed the expansion of the GCC residents visa, which is now open to all professions for those wanting to apply for a tourist visa.

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The Saudi Tourist Visa was first launched in 2019. Since this time, despite COVID temporarily closing borders, tourism numbers in 2022 jumped to 93 million visitors (including religious pilgrims).

If you are a resident of a GCC country (which includes those on work and family visas), you can now apply for the Saudi Tourist Visa without needing to state your profession.

Applications and visa information can be found at

Who are the GCC countries?

The GCC – Gulf Cooperation Council – consists of the following countries

You must have a valid residency permit for at least 3 months and at least 6 months left on your passport.

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More Tools and Resources For Visiting Saudi Arabia

Visit Saudi App (Google Play | App Store) – this will be your best companion for planning your trip. The Saudi Tourism Authority official app will keep you up to date with festivals, events and the ever-growing list of tourist attractions which are opening in Saudi Arabia. – in collaboration with the Pilgrim Experience Program, offers visitors a gateway to planning their journeys to Makkah and Madinah. From this platform, pilgrims can organise everything they need, from evisas to booking hotels and flights.

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