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Oman is a culturally rich destination that’s also one of the most beautiful in the Middle East. Sandy beaches, mesmerizing mountain ranges, tall and lush palm trees, and aesthetic architecture – this place is a visual feast. In fact, it’s been hailed as one of the top 18 most beautiful countries by a US magazine, Veranda. You simply can’t miss this place!

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Besides its natural beauty, Oman is also famous for its traditional souvenirs. They represent the warmth of Omani culture and hospitality. And, of course, they make great gifts.

Plus, souvenirs serve as lovely mementos of your trip. One glance and you’ll get flashbacks of how much you enjoyed exploring the destination. The best part? Souvenirs from Oman aren’t only decorative; they are also pretty useful. 

The question is, what Omani souvenirs can you take back home

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best Oman souvenirs. It’ll help you make a pick without feeling overwhelmed. We’ll even point you to the best places to pick them up.


Imagine taking home a souvenir of Oman that’s aromatic and has health benefits. Sounds like a good find, right? We are talking about one of Oman’s specialties called Frankincense. It is a gum resin that comes from trees in Southern Arabia. 

FTME Souvenirs From Oman - Frankincense

Back in the day, Frankincense was gifted to the royalties. This resin releases a pleasant aroma upon burning. So, if you have a scent-lover or a home fragrance enthusiast in your friend circle, this will surely make a thoughtful gift. Remember to get an incense burner, too!

The more interesting part, however, is that Frankincense has antiseptic properties. It is known to heal oral sores, gingivitis, and toothache. And don’t worry, you won’t have to shell out a lot. Frankincense is one of the cheapest things to buy in Oman.


Wondering what to buy in Oman that’s useful and easy on the pocket? Grab a clay pot! Omanis used (and still do) clay pots and utensils to store dates and grains. They can even be used for cooking and burning Frankincense.

FTME Souvenirs From Oman - Pottery

Oman has a lot of different shapes and sizes of pottery. They are mostly sold in their original terracotta color, but if you look harder, you’ll find a spot that sells painted options. Some artisans even draw interesting patterns on them. 

Jihal is the most traditional and commonly used clay item in Oman. It is a pointy pot with a beak that’s used to store drinking water. The water stays cool in a Jihal.


Next on our list of best Oman souvenirs, we have an exquisite-looking tea (or coffee) pot called dallah. Dallah is an integral part of Omani homes. They are a symbol of generosity in Omani Culture.

FTME Souvenirs From Oman - Dallah

Traditionally, dallahs were made of brass or copper and adorned with beautiful engravings. Nowadays, you’ll find them in different metals such as silver and even gold. They are available in a lot of colors. You can even buy matching cups and trays to complete a set. Use them for their intended purpose or simply display them as decorative pieces. 

Of course, they come at a price. So, if you’re looking for a budget souvenir, this might not be the best option.


Speaking of decorative pieces, you can’t leave Oman without getting yourself (or your loved ones) traditional Omani gifts – daggers. They are called khanjars here. 

FTME Souvenirs From Oman - Khanjar

Khanjar is a part of Oman’s festive wear for men. They usually wear it around their waist when they have an important event or a meeting. You’ll also spot a khanjar on the country’s flag, bank notes, government logos, and police cars.

The curved blade and ornate handle make it stand out as a unique piece in any collection. 

You’ll find khanjars made of varying metals, such as silver, gold, and even brass. The handles, however, are usually made of wood or camel bone. 

Palm Handicrafts

Oman cultivates about 7 million date palms. You’ll see them wherever you look – outside your hotel, next to a house, and on the streets. So, why not take home a souvenir that captures this essence?

FTME Souvenirs From Oman - Palm Handicrafts

Palm handicrafts make great gifts from Oman. These handwoven pieces are not just decorative; they can also be used in daily life.

For instance, you’ll find palm baskets that are perfect for storing fruits and vegetables or even used as a breadbasket. Some even use them to cook meat and make date honey. How fascinating!

You’ll also see Omani women carrying beautiful handwoven bags made of palm fronds. 


Edible souvenirs are always a hit amongst family and friends. Luckily, the Sultanate has something that’s versatile enough to be used fresh or dry, eaten on its own, or enjoyed in desserts – dates! 

FTME Souvenirs From Oman - Dates

Dates have a sweet flavour that pairs brilliantly with chocolate. Try a chocolate and date biscuit, and you’ll know! This fruit is also packed with nutrients like fibre and antioxidants. 

Plus, you’ll get to choose from a large variety of dates in Oman. There are about 250 different kinds here. That’s right – 250! However, the most relished ones include Khalas, Fardh, Khunaizi, and Khasab. You can get them in packets or boxes. 

Oh, and make sure you grab some date syrup bottles, date candies, and date chocolates, too.

Camel Milk Products

If you’re coming to Oman, be prepared to eat a lot of camel meat. It is a part of the Omani cuisine. Qabuli, a rice dish served with juicy camel meat on top, is pretty popular here. So, it makes perfect sense that camel milk derivatives have also made their way to the souvenir market.

FTME Souvenirs From Oman - Camel Milk Products

Camel milk is higher in vitamin C and iron than cow’s milk. So, if you’re lactose intolerant or just want to try out something new, camel milk products are a must-buy souvenir in Oman.

You’ll find camel milk chocolates, candies, yoghurt, and cheese in almost all grocery stores here. And if you’re a skin-care fanatic, grab camel milk soaps, lotions and creams. All these 100% organic products will make your skin more supple and hydrated.


A lot of tourists are attracted to traditional Omani gifts like clothing. They are unique and make for great souvenirs. The most popular Omani garment is the dishdasha, which men wear. It is a long, white robe that’s typically made of cotton or silk.

FTME Souvenirs From Oman - Clothing

Omani women wear Abaya as their traditional dress – a long black robe with elaborate designs on it. They also make for great modest wear.

For something more casual, grab a kummah or Omani cap. It’s usually made of white cotton and has beautiful geometric designs on it. You can even find hats made of palm fronds, perfect for a beach day.

Silver Jewelry

Oman has some extremely high-quality silver. Thus, it’s no surprise that silver jewellery is popular here. In fact, there was a time when boys and girls both wore silver jewellery, from amulets (for protection from the evil eye) to toe rings.

FTME Souvenirs From Oman - Silver Jewelry

You’ll find plenty of silver necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets in Oman. And they aren’t just ordinary pieces; Omanis have mastered the art of filigree work – creating intricate designs by intertwining thin threads of metal. You’ll also see traditional Omani motifs like the khanjar, gazelles, and camels etched onto the jewellery.

You’ll also find silver jewellery with semi-precious stones like agate, turquoise, and onyx. They are often used in traditional Omani bridal jewellery.

Make sure to visit old souqs (markets) for authentic pieces at reasonable prices. You can even bargain here!

Amouage Perfumes

Amouage Perfume is like the Sultan of luxury scents in Oman. These fragrances aren’t just a hit at home; they’re famous worldwide. The brand uses fancy Middle Eastern ingredients like agarwood, incense, roses, spices, and musk to create perfumes that smell like royalty.

FTME Souvenirs From Oman - Amouage Perfumes

Although you’ll find the brand in other parts of the world, buying from Oman is cheaper. Plus, you’ll get to try scents that might not be available elsewhere.

What’s more, you can also schedule a trip to the brand’s factory in Muscat to check out how they’re made. 

Buying the Best Souvenirs from Oman

Now that you have a list of some amazing souvenirs to buy from Oman, start making a list of what you want to buy and for whom. Your loved ones will really appreciate receiving gifts from Oman. 

If it’s your first experience shopping in Oman, you’d be glad to know that prices are not fixed in most places. So, feel free to bargain and get a good deal. It’s also a great idea to start your souvenir hunt early in the day to avoid the crowds.

For authentic and quality items, visit traditional souqs like Muttrah Souq in Muscat or Nizwa Souq in Nizwa.

The Omani Heritage Gallery, a non-profit organization, offers some of the best quality handmade crafts. However, the prices are a tad bit steep here. 

You can also find some unique pieces at modern Muscat shopping centres like Muscat Grand Mall and Oman Avenues Mall.

We hope you enjoy shopping for souvenirs in Oman and get some steal deals! 

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